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Defeat urban congestion

Building smart infrastructure is now a reality

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Keep your city moving

When drivers and cars receive real-time updates on accidents, broken- down vehicles, adverse weather conditions and traffic, they can make life-saving decisions and avoid dangerous situations.

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Improve road safety

Use comprehensive, real-time road data to manage traffic flows, tackle congestion, lower the risk of accidents and identify new ways to communicate with drivers.

woman picking a shared bike

Build connections

Strengthen relationships with the private sector to build mobility ecosystems that complement and expand public transportation systems and initiatives such as Vision Zero.
cars on highway

How Siemens Mobility and HERE are optimizing green waves in cities

How location data can help

light rail in transit

Protecting privacy in the age of urban mobility

In the digital era, we do not always blend into the crowd. Location data is part of this equation because our mobility habits are unique to us. Discover the technologies and practices that can help public and private organizations protect users’ privacy.

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Empower your city’s transportation infrastructure with location data to: 

  • Monitor traffic flow and journey times to identify high-risk areas and improve safety 
  • Reduce urban congestion with real-time road monitoring 
  • Test, develop and launch new mobility services 

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