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HERE Real-Time Traffic

Live traffic data to help drivers outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes

Keep drivers moving

Delays caused by traffic congestion and accidents are expensive, time consuming and, until now, difficult to predict.

Build a better traffic management solution using HERE Real-Time Traffic with access to one of the largest databases of aggregated real-time data.

Create a holistic view of the roadway that pinpoints congestion, construction and accidents. Dynamically re-route drivers to keep your cities moving.

Save time and money by predicting traffic before it happens with HERE Real-Time Traffic.

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HERE Real-Time Traffic

Watch how you can reduce delays and improve road safety

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Build a better traffic solution

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Outsmart traffic

Help drivers save time, fuel, and stress with predictive traffic data and trip planning updated every minute.

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Create a seamless traffic flow

Enhance urban mobility by helping drivers safely and accurately navigate from A to B using live re-routing with lane-level updates.

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Keep drivers safe

Reduce accidents with our localized safety features that warn of incidents and hard-braking events ahead.

Developer benefits

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Exclusive features

Use data for lane-level precision on highways and ramps. Also report congestion on roads with changeable directions.

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Easy integration

Our traffic solution supports a wide array of delivery platforms to quickly integrate into your current system. 

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Quick launch

HERE offers tools and services to support a rapid launch, including 24-hour customer care.



Learn more about the features of HERE Real-Time Traffic and how it delivers up-to-the-minute information about traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays.