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Introducing Chain Reaction, our new blog series exploring global supply chain delays -

Supply Chain

Solve supply chain challenges quickly by spotting disruptions and problems in real time.

Improve your supply chain operations with increased efficiency, seamless indoor-outdoor tracking and accurate multimodal ETAs

Track your shipments and assets in real-time

Maintain delivery SLAs, get full condition monitoring and prevent delays, damages or loss.

End-to-end shipment visibility in your supply chain is critical for maintaining delivery SLAs. Reduce time spent guessing ETAs by monitoring the location and condition of your shipments. Detect damages in transit to increase on-time, in-full performance and boost your NPS score.

Enable the real-time tracking of your assets ranging from containers, pallets, bins and racks to forklifts, inventory and heavy machinery. Reduce loss of assets and costs and increase your process throughput by at least 20%. Have full visibility on what is in stock, how it is used and when it needs maintenance.


Cut dwell times by up to 50%

Minimize the impact of unexpected delays, increase inventory turnover and provide accurate ETAs.



Cut returnable packaging costs in half

Avoid surprises and streamline the flow of products to reduce waste, misplacements and delays.


Find assets in half the time

Better align cargo connections and monitor supplier patterns for optimal lead times and inventory levels.

Customer stories

Optimizing technician time

Siemens Healthineers has the capability to inform technicians if the shipment has been delivered to the right floor and room.

Through our relationship with HERE, Siemens Healthineers can inform hospitals and technicians ahead of time about early or delayed shipment arrivals.

Heiko Ansorge, Global Head of Service Supply Chain Solutions, Customer Services Managed Logistics at Siemens Healthineers

Preventing warehouse gridlock

Watch how Crave InfoTech optimizes routing for large warehouses using HERE indoor mapping solution.

We're very excited with the HERE Technologies indoor mapping solution. It's cost-effective, it's easy to implement and it serves most of the scenarios you can think of in a large warehouse environment.

Shrikant Nistane, Co-founder and CEO Crave InfoTech


Optimizing route planning

See how HERE helped Leogistics solve its yard management and route planning challenges.

Our expectation from a continued partnership with HERE is that we don't need to do anything about location data at all...We can just present it by doing look-ups directly on the HERE platform.

Andre Käber, CEO Leogistics


HERE offering within Supply Chain

HERE Positioning A GNSS Observation sensor


Lower ownership costs by affordably leasing hardware from either our portfolio of trackers or Bring Your Own Trackers (BYOT). 



Tracking core

Make HERE supply chain solutions part of your business IT by directly integrating with HERE APIs. Use our platform or your own enterprise data.

System Integrators

Business applications

Get business value immediately by using our business applications (web and mobile) for your asset tracking or shipment tracking use cases.


Modular end-to-end solutions

Integrate solutions from hardware and connectivity to applications or use our APIs to integrate with your business ecosystem.

box with mapmarkers

Extensive data sources

Leverage HERE IoT trackers and HERE location services such as ETA and Traffic or Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) and hardware.

System Integrators

Reduce your inefficiencies

Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your ERP/TMS systems. Reduce operational bottlenecks and costs by 10%.

Our end-to-end solutions

HERE Asset Tracking

Improve the efficiency of your assets with real-time visibility of asset location, status, health and behaviorboth indoor and outdoor. Reduce the loss of assets through misplacement or theft, ensuring they're never sitting idle.

HERE Shipment Visibility

Get end-to-end tracking of the location and condition of high-value shipments across multimodal supply chains – in transit and all the way up to the right floor and room. Receive real-time ETAs and alerts throughout the journey to avoid delays. Optimize your SLAs, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

HERE Yards

Improve efficiency by mapping your business sites, such as warehouses, factories, distribution centers, hubs, yards and ports. Increase driver throughput and improve inbound logistics and safety while reducing dwell time, missed slots and costs.

Our hardware portfolio

Affordably lease hardware from our portfolio of trackers for every use case and need. This includes complete condition monitoring to global connectivity and indoor tracking.

View of NFC device that has a NFC or near filed communication card used in NFC tracking and supply chain trackers.

Supply Chain resources

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Discover our powerful platform capabilities

See how our platform capabilities can help you optimize your supply chain.

Make maps

Build maps of warehouses, ports, mines and yards. Reduce dwell time of drivers, improve loading and unloading operations and optimize operational efficiency with yard mapping and navigation.

Generate insights

Visualize insights by using HERE Asset Tracking and HERE Shipment Visibility’s powerful analytics engine.

Visualize data

Create intuitive map visualizations to see complex trends and patterns using our low-code/no-code tools.

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