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HERE Live Sense SDK

Use a scalable AI toolkit for detecting real-world objects to combat distracted driving and improve road safety.

HERE Live sense SDK

Enhance safety with AI perception models


Unlock flexible and scalable deployment

Discover IVI systems or dash cams that are easily integrated into smartphones with offline capability at the edge.


Minimize latency and widen the range of detections

Leverage very low object detection latency that supports mission-critical use cases and objects such as road signs, potholes and roadworks.

Tailor your build-HERE Live Sense SDK

Collect controlled data in real-time

Enable data collection in a secure and compliant manner in accordance with all applicable regulations and compliance standards.

Improve driver and road safety with AI

Get real-time warnings and safety alerts

Enable real-time awareness

Spot potential hazardous objects on the road and surrounding areas. Improve driver awareness by using AI and edge processing to identify a range of objects ahead such as vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, road signs, construction zones and potholes.

Rely on contextual guidance

Enhance route guidance

Identify guidance elements to provide visual confirmation to drivers of upcoming maneuvers, such as an alert to turn right at the stop sign. Enable safer navigation with real-time hazard alerts and contextual route guidance.

Access journey and post-trip analysis

Access journey and post-trip analysis

Leverage road data including stop signs, construction zones, traffic lights and more for in-depth post-trip analysis. Gather valuable insights based on real-world data, enhancing overall user experience and safety on the road.


HERE Live Sense SDK for Android user guide

Start developing with the HERE Live Sense SDK on the Android platform.

HERE Live Sense SDK for iOS user guide

Start developing with the HERE Live Sense SDK on the iOS platform.

Live Sense Linux SDK user guide (Beta)

Start developing with the HERE Live Sense SDK on Linux.

HERE Live sense SDK

Incorporate the power of AI into your workflow

Integrate HERE Live Sense SDK into your current setup to easily create alerts and inform drivers of potential hazards. Available for Android, iOS and Linux (beta), and as a stand-alone SDK or complementary to the HERE SDK. Create a unique navigation experience by incorporating the augmented reality capabilities of HERE Location Services.

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Enhance your intelligent speed assistance (ISA) system. Use high-quality global speed limit data to support legal compliance and driver safety.

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