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HERE Live Sense SDK

An AI-powered SDK that transforms camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers.

Detect and avoid hazards in real-time

Drivers face an increasing number of possible distractions. To drive safely, technology can help them focus on what’s coming.

Using the HERE Live Sense SDK, transform a device with a front-facing camera into a second pair of eyes for the driver.

The SDK uses the camera to continuously scan the driver’s environment. AI models built on our decades of experience in advanced vision technology, embedded in the SDK, detect and classify road conditions.

Speed limits, road signs, potholes, construction zones, pedestrians and other safety risks are detected in real-time – improving driver awareness.

Additionally, HERE Live Sense SDK can turn detection into response, providing both audio and visual alerts. Sudden changes, such as road closures, are communicated in a human voice and in real-time – helping the driver stay at ease and in control at a moment’s notice.

Improving safety technology

Traffic alerts

Safety alerts

Notify the driver with audio or visual alerts when possible dangers are detected on the road. Alerts can help users avoid collisions and prepare for route changes.

cars on highway with data

Wide range of detections

Give drivers comprehensive awareness of their environment for any type of vehicle, by detecting objects and events on the road. The SDK doesn't require internet connectivity or use of a data plan to perform.

cars on road with guidance

Safer route guidance

Provide directions based on the driver's environment for easier navigation. Cameras can detect objects in real-time – giving instructions like "Turn left at the stop sign" and delivered with a human voice to reduce stress when driving to unfamiliar places.

Developer benefits

Customizable build

Determine which objects should be detected, which alerts to include and when to alert the driver.

Easy integration

Integrate with HERE SDK for routing or HERE Studio and Data Hub for post-trip analysis to build robust applications.

Offline processing

Detect objects in real-time using edge processing on the device that works for any type of vehicle, regardless of internet connectivity.


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Transform camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers.