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HERE Live Sense SDK

Transform any device with a camera into a live sensor that increases driver awareness in real-time.

HERE Live sense SDK

Improve driver safety by using AI to scan for risks


Integrate with other tools

Create more powerful location technology. Combine HERE Live Sense SDK with HERE SDK for routing.


No more latency

Provide live navigation even when your edge device is offline. Detect objects in real-time using edge processing, regardless of internet connection.


Tailor your build to your needs

Fine-tune your application with features such as being able to control which objects are detected and choosing which alerts to include and when to notify the driver.

Get real-time warnings and safety alerts

Get real-time warnings and safety alerts

Improve your journeys by integrating live route guidance, based on the driver's viewpoint, into your onboard navigation. Follow turn-by-turn instructions that take into account live road conditions, such as closures or temporary speed limits. Inform drivers of potential hazards through audio and visual alerts. Get alerts for pedestrians and bicycles entering the vehicle's direct path.

Rely on contextual guidance

Rely on contextual guidance

Improve driver confidence with route guidance that gives instructions based on the driver's perspective and reference points e.g. "turn left at the stop sign". Delivered with the help of HERE SDK or HERE Location services.


HERE Live sense SDK

Incorporate the power of AI into your workflow

Integrate HERE Live Sense SDK into your current setup to easily create alerts and inform drivers of potential hazards. Available for Android, iOS and Linux (beta), and as a stand-alone SDK or complementary to the HERE SDK. Create a unique navigation experience by incorporating the augmented reality capabilities of HERE Location Services.

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Integrate location features into your apps when online or offline using pre-built UIs and personalization options.

HERE Studio

HERE Studio

Edit data in real-time to create maps faster and run large datasets in the cloud for instant viewing.



Enhance your intelligent speed assistance (ISA) system. Use high-quality global speed limit data to support legal compliance and driver safety.

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