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Enhance your Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) system. Use high-quality global speed limit data to support legal compliance and driver safety.

Access reliable and up-to-date speed limit data for ISA systems

More than 50 brands from 21 global automakers select the HERE ISA Map to comply with the EU Intelligent Speed Assistance regulation.

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is a vehicle safety feature that helps drivers stay within the current speed limit.

Starting in July 2022, ISA will be mandatory in Europe on all new-model cars, vans, trucks and buses. From July 2024 onwards, OEMs must equip every new vehicle sold in the EU with an ISA system.

However, ISA systems that only use onboard cameras to capture speed limits from signs may not be able to meet the ISA regulation test criteria – because signs can be visually obscured, and many speed limits are not explicitly signposted.

Be ready for the new ISA regulations. Access a valuable additional source for accurate speed limit data with HERE ISA Map – helping vehicle makers stay compliant with ISA regulations while supporting driver safety.



Meet your ISA challenges with accurate data

Gain high-quality and up-todate speed limit data with extensive coverage across the globe.


Rely on a trusted automotive partner for ISA

Over 180 million vehicles and 50 OEM brands use HERE technology – and we are ready to help you with ISA across passenger and commercial vehicles.

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Comply with ISA regulations in the EU and beyond

Use location-based data to enhance ISA solutions that display the current speed limit, warn drivers when the limit is exceeded, and optionally restrict vehicle speed.

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Create custom ISA solutions for different market segments

Support your connected and onboard ISA solutions with a range of data formats. Enrich your solution with additional map content for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Explore the features and benefits of HERE ISA Map

Car driving on the highway using connected navigation and driver assistance to receive speed limit data alerts.

Know the correct speed limit, even without clear signage

Overcome the limitations of camera-based sign recognition systems. Many signs imply speed limits that cameras may not recognize – such as when entering a town boundary. General road rules and regulations are not signposted at all. With HERE ISA Map, your ISA system knows the speed limit for the current location, whatever the signage.

A fleet truck driving and using fleet routing, dynamic routing and location technology to get speed limit data alerts.

Provide guidance on local speed rules and regulations

Support safer driving with location-aware and time-sensitive information – based on national, regional and conditional speed limit rules. Access accurate data on the locations of variable speed limit signs, as well as specific speed limit data for commercial vehicles.

Person driving on busy highway using ISA systems and ISA technology to show a map with speed limits powered by map data.

Select the right data for your ISA use case

Improve data efficiency for different ISA solutions by downloading only the road topology and selected map attributes you require. Optimize your solution footprint for simpler ISA systems and smaller vehicle segments.

View of city traffic with a quote discussing ISA technology, driver safety, map with speed limits and driver assistance.
HERE 360 Blog - 1st Feb, 2021

With ISA, drivers are alerted when exceeding the allowed speed – so the driver can focus on driving. This information can also be used by a speed control function like adaptive cruise control.

Delphine Duperray, Customer Program Manager, Continental


HERE ISA Map: One-pager

Learn more about the features and capabilities of HERE ISA Map.

Report: Complying with the new ISA regulations

Explore what the new ISA regulations mean for automotive OEMs and how HERE can help.

White paper: Intelligent Speed Assistance for Safer Driving

Learn more about how ISA prevents excessive speeding while enhancing driver and passenger safety.

Webinar: How to bring Intelligent Speed Assistance to the road by 2022

Take a closer look at ISA and find out how location technology and data can support this mandatory in-car system.

Press release: HERE data chosen by majority of automakers for their EU intelligent speed assistance solution

The European Union’s (EU) Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulation has been in effect since July 2022, and an overwhelming majority of automakers have selected the HERE ISA Map for their solutions to comply with the regulation. 

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