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Ready to transform your business with location?

Move your business forward with our location technology that supports a wide variety of industries and use cases

See how our location services are used across different solutions and industries


5G Network Planning

Maximize your return on infrastructure investments with hyper-precise 3D geolocation data to digitize your network planning, design and deployment.

view of car from behind couple looking at dashboard


From navigation to ADAS to HAD, discover how location powers connected and autonomous driving experiences.

In vehicle notification

Connected Driving

Pioneer the future of mobility with our open, location-centric platform to help your drivers explore the world with ease and trust.

woman at home on couch looking at mobile

Consumer Engagement

Engage your target audience and improve your ROI with precise and accurate advertising campaign insights.

truck driver being directed where to go

Fleet Management

Lower operating costs and meet delivery demands by running your fleets at full capacity, without compromising safety.


Infrastructure Planning

Plan, design, build and maintain infrastructure efficiently with insights and tools powered by location technology.

Driver Safety


Innovate and increase margin with our comprehensive location platform to significantly improve driver safety, claims management, risk quantification and more.



Leverage location data to improve data science, gain a better understanding of consumers and build more efficient campaigns.

People Crossing

Public Sector

Improve city living with location intelligence that reduces traffic, improves safety and empowers people to move in new and better ways.

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Use geolocation to guide customers to stores to shop and make purchases – without them having to wait in line.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Gain greater visibility throughout your supply chain to minimize disruptions, with tracking and location data.

man with mobile and laptop checking signal from 5G cell tower


Advance your network infrastructure planning with 3D maps, percise location insights, data and tools.

woman with tablet in shipping yard watching truck being loaded

Transportation & Logistics

From warehouse and yard management to last mile, see how location data delivers for businesses on the move.

man with scooter looking at mobile

Urban Mobility

Improve operational efficiency and open up new revenue streams while providing your riders with effortless journeys.

Customer stories

The journey to connected vehicles

See how, connects location technologies with machine learning capabilities to create safer services for passengers and reduce fatalities on the road.

With their open location platform, they're transforming the industry.

Rafay Khan, CEO of


5G-enabled collision avoidance

Watch how a proof-of-concept combining Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities with HERE's HD Live Map and Live Sense SDK can be used to warn vehicles of impending potential collisions.

Creating the next level of mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics utilizes the growing HERE ecosystem by reaching out to a larger audience.

We can make use of the vast network of customers that HERE has from the beginning.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics


Using weather to provide safer roads and driving experiences

Watch how Global Weather Corporation collaborates with HERE to deliver at-scale, road-level weather information for safer driving.

What HERE provides us, is a platform with scale. They provide a platform that gives us access to new types of information that we can use to improve the weather forecast.

Mark Flolid, CEO of Global Weather Corporation


Get the most out of your data in an open, secure space.


Countries mapped


Data collected daily


Years experience


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