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erson working on a computer to better understand fleet management, fleet dispatch and fleet operations.

HERE Anonymizer

Preserve privacy as you unlock the value of location data at scale with customizable real-time anonymization tools.

Derive maximum value from location data while supporting regulatory compliance

Process location-related data at scale while providing compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and POPI. Use advanced on-platform tools for real-time masking and anonymization of location-related data, while preserving its maximum value for a wide range of use cases – such as traffic, hazard events, or training ML models on historical patterns. Bring confidence that data privacy protections are embedded in your location-based apps and services.

Customizable and flexible anonymization

Configure anonymization methods and parameters to strike the right balance between business and privacy needs.

Location Data

Full integration with our location data platform

Calibrate and visualize advanced and robust on-platform anonymization with diagnostic tools.

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Location expertise and market neutrality

Rely on HERE for expertise in location-centric data privacy. Benefit from our neutral position in the market ecosystem.

Explore ways to drive value from anonymized location data

View of HERE Marketplace showing how data anonymization, data anonymization tools, data masking and location data works.

Across all markets

Share, exchange or monetize your anonymized data

Share and exchange anonymized data with trusted ecosystem participants. Monetize anonymized data and generate new revenue streams by selling it to HERE or third parties with HERE Marketplace.

View of a downtown with congested traffic and a vehicle using traffic data, real time traffic data and traffic flow.

Connected and Automated Driving

Understand traffic flows and real-time events

Create and enhance connected services for traffic, parking, road safety, hazard warnings and emergency services – with anonymized probe data from vehicles and mobile devices.

Person outside of truck with phone in hand showing route optimization, route planning and multi stop route planning.

Fleet Management

Enable dynamic route optimization with accurate ETA prediction

Anonymize private location-related data, such as positions of private POIs and movement of commercial vehicles, both on-site and off-site. Enable better analysis of first and last mile, to deliver optimized routes for commercial vehicles, dynamic updates to routes and accurate prediction of ETA.

Person working on a computer with a map on the  monitor.

Urban Mobility

Improve ride planning and demand management

Analyze anonymized data about fleet movement and areas of demand – to support regulatory compliance, better understand fleet operations, define operational zones and deploy your fleet accordingly.


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Preserve privacy as you unlock the value of location data at scale, with customizable real-time anonymization tools.