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Easily integrate powerful location services and customizable maps into your mobile applications with our SDK.

Build advanced location-enabled mobile apps faster

Enhance, grow and scale your location-based apps with our complete software development kit (SDK).

Harness our accurate maps, detailed APIs and global location data with one SDK, designed to create flexible solutions for your specific needs. Build and improve your apps by integrating a range of services, such as in-vehicle navigation, delivery routing, traffic alerts, transit information, fleet management features and more.

Select from a range of SDK editions to support your particular needs. Simplify development of location features for native iOS and Android apps or cross-platform with Flutter.


Get fresh global map data

Benefit from accurate and relevant location services that are updated daily. Get continuous offline use in over 190 countries with preinstalled maps. Generate up to date routes and search for destinations and drops off – even without an internet connection.

car on route with warning

Enhance your app with intelligent navigation and routing

Build tailored navigation and routing solutions to move people and goods via a wide range of transportation options. Use dynamically updated routes that immediately respond to traffic changes.

globe icon with mapmarkers

Gain location services trusted by millions of users worldwide

Grow your app on a global scale. Rely on flexible and secure backends that seamlessly adapt to your needs. Benefit from worldwide vector maps of over 190 countries.

Bring rich location-enabled features to your app

Person holding a phone showing custom maps, mapmaking, map data and maps api on the screen.

Control the look of your map with customized styling

Enhance your app's user experience and highlight essential features with custom map schemes. Easily highlight important objects on the map by changing colors and icons. Edit the visual properties of map objects, such as roads and buildings.

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Person holding a phone showing routing api, map data, routing apps and routing algorithm on the screen.

Find the ideal path with enterprise-grade routing

Equip your app with powerful routing capabilities, that can be customized with a wide range of journey preferences. Choose from multiple modes of transportation, including automotive, public transit, pedestrian and bicycle. Create routing solutions for all use cases – from individual cars to fleets, as well as infrastructure planning.

View documentation:

Person driving and using their phone for smart navigation, connected navigation, real-time traffic data and directions.

Enable smart in-app navigation

Support safer driving and more comfortable journeys with timely navigation guidance that adapts to real-world changes. Tailor your app's navigation capabilities to specific vehicle or transportation types.

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Person on public transportation using their phone for offline navigation, offline maps and map data.

Add offline capabilities to go beyond the network

Build offline location features into your native app with HERE SDK Premium Edition. Enable your app users to view maps, search for places and navigate to a location – even without a current network connection.

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Choose your ideal HERE SDK Edition

HERE SDK is available for native iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform development with Flutter. Choose from a range of SDK Editions, with different feature sets to meet your specific use case.





HERE SDK: Documentation

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Learn how HERE SDK enables a wide range of location services for your mobile apps.

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