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Turn spatial data into business value

Accelerate your business by creating custom maps, location services and applications.

Build your own solutions in one environment

Discover advanced tools, an ecosystem of collaborators and rich location data and services in one place, saying goodbye to data silos. By using no-code/low-code tools, you can build applications and services faster. Bring together spatial data, curated map content, location services and advanced development tools in one fully integrated platform with accelerated data processing.

See how the HERE platform powers a wide variety of industries

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Access data on demand

Find real-time spatial data and 2D/3D map content for 200 countries with 1,000+ detailed attributes, providing a digital duplicate of reality – delivered in standard formats to simplify development.

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Process and analyze at scale

Speed up development with enterprise-grade data processing, including a full stack of analytics and ML algorithms. Enable faster insights with templates for automation and a no-code/low-code approach.

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Customize to your needs

Be flexible by basing solutions on your data and business logic. Integrate with ease into your application or solution with standardized APIs and SDKs.

Platform capabilities

Visualize Data

Visualize data

Visualize static and dynamic location-centric data, build interactive maps with full customization of style and color. Create insightful dashboards or share compelling visual stories with your audience.

Generate Insights

Generate insights

Uncover and share location data patterns, trends and relationships revealing actionable insights to inform decisions – and make predictions in real-time with our analytics suite.

Build Applications

Build applications

Build location intelligence into your web and mobile applications, using our map and location content, APIs and SDKs. Build once and operate at scale across geographies.

Develop Services

Develop services

Develop your solution faster using our highly configurable and scalable location services – such as geocoding, routing, rendering, transit and positioning.

Make Maps

Make maps

Create custom maps of private sites and connect them to public maps for seamless search, routing and navigation. Add your business insights to map layers to create custom applications and services.

Success stories

Rafay Khan CEO of talks about the HERE platform

Ensuring safer services

See how connects location technologies with machine learning capabilities to create safer services for passengers and reduce fatalities on the road.

With their open location platform, they're transforming the industry.

Rafay Khan, CEO of

Shaping the future of urban mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics uses data from HERE to understand road surfaces to help improve safety.

Utilizing HERE Technologies, we can focus on what we do best.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics
Bentley customer story

Creating a safer world by using digital twins

Discover how Bentley Systems helped their customers make significant cost savings, predict disasters, reduce risk and refine workflow using real-time 360 location and lidar data from HERE.

HERE removes the barriers that our customers have been grappling with for the last four to five years. It has taken away the hard part of the equation.

Dustin Parkman, Vice President, Project Delivery, Bentley Systems

Explore our products

Maps & Data

Location services


Use and build high-quality maps


Access industry-leading maps powered by millions of data sources and with over 1,000 attributes.

Dynamic Maps

Utilize dynamic datasets such as hazard alerts and variable speed signs from vehicle sensor data and infrastructural sources.

Maps for ADAS & HAD

Help vehicles see beyond sensors with location data sources.

Third Party Data

Enrich your location-based apps and services with a wide range of third-party data, services, APIs and SDKs.

Browse our extensive range of location services


Create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses with advanced algorithms.

Geocoding & Search

Improve location accuracy and context with precise conversion and discovery of geocoordinates and addresses.

Map Rendering

Render daily updated, accurate and comprehensive geospatial data to suit your business needs.


Bring high-precision location awareness to your apps and devices, even in challenging indoor or outdoor environments.

Build with low-code/no-code development tools


Integrate location features into your apps when online or offline, using pre-built UIs and personalization options.

HERE Live Sense SDK

Transform camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers with an AI-powered SDK.

HERE Anonymizer

Preserve privacy as you unlock the value of location data at scale with customizable real-time anonymization tools.

HERE Marketplace

License or exchange your assets such as data, services, SDKs, algorithms and apps from trusted sources.

HERE Workplace

Create, develop and scale location-centric data assets and services in one, secure environment.

HERE Studio

Edit data in real-time to create maps faster and run large datasets in the cloud for instant viewing.

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