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Maps & Data

Map Data

Build your own world view using our map data as a canvas. Turn your map into a location-based application by layering it with data from other sources.

Create accurate maps and custom layers using our core data, generated by hundreds of mapping vehicles worldwide

Access multiple formats-HERE Map data

Access multiple formats

Pick the format you need off-the-shelf and start building now – with GDF, RDF, Navstreets, FGDB, NDS or GeoJSON.


Layer with global information

Enrich base maps with additional layers of information, such as roads, POIs, postal code points and 3D landmarks. Utilize dynamic datasets such as hazard and variable speed signs from vehicle sensor data and infrastructural sources.


Get extensive global coverage

Tap into one single, global and standardized map database and build applications for your business – around the globe.

Harness the power of spatial data

UniMap-Map data


Mapping technology that revolutionizes the way you create, update and use maps. UniMap has the capability of extending the world's best map built by HERE with private map content, allowing you to create and customize maps with unmatched freshness, speed and accuracy.


Use the foundational map layer as a canvas to run business operations on. This includes simple map display, data visualization, localization and tracking.

HERE Places & Points

Get efficient and effective navigation in every location. Access information on points of interest in various categories – with opening hours, restrictions, accepted payment methods and other attributes.

HERE Road Infrastructure & Usage

Keep drivers informed to help make safe driving decisions. Get information on road curvature, roughness and elevation, signs and signals.

HERE Road Rules & Regulations

Help private and commercial drivers be compliant on the roads and avoid fines. Access country and region-specific driving rules, such as where you can and cannot drive, how much it will cost and what special regulations are in place for commercial vehicles.

HERE Lanes

Access information about the roads and their lanes. This enables the positioning of a vehicle to a lane for precise lane-level guidance and ADAS applications for cars with higher levels of automation.

HERE Guidance & Routing

Get easy orientation for drivers on the go. Access routing information on special vehicles, including trucks, recreational vehicles, vehicles for four-wheel drives and for outdoor recreational activities.

HERE Utility & Network Infrastructure

Improve infrastructure planning by accessing the information on cellular network coverage by carriers, signal type, signal strength and frequency bands.

HERE Areas & Boundaries

Access information on administrative, postal code and census boundaries for business intelligence, search and rendering use cases.

HERE Imagery & Topography

Render maps in a realistic and visually appealing way. Access a wide range of 3D data using HERE Lidar Data. With an accuracy rate of within 2cm, HERE Lidar Data is available in over 50 countries. With an relative accuracy rate of +/- 2cm*, HERE Lidar Data is available in over 50 countries.* Accuracy rate refers to the actual location of streets and objects within the lidar point clouds.

HERE Buildings & Structures

Enable data visualization, guidance, routing, planning and analytics. Use accurate and abstract representations of city centers and landmarks in 2D and 3D.

HERE Spatial Relationships

Map consumer journeys in physical spaces. Help advertisers better target their audiences in their current location.

HERE Indoor Map

Access a comprehensive set of tools from HERE that allow you to produce indoor maps quickly – at scale and with minimal costs.

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Customer stories

Logis Solutions

Optimizing operations for emergency vehicles

Logis Solutions automated their dispatch technology by using HERE's APIs to help them calculate the best routes using real-time and historical data, as well as speed limit information. In emergency services every second counts, so Logis Solutions used HERE's location data to identify adequate or insufficient coverage and then run AI to predict where the next call will be. 

We partnered with HERE because they provide the most accurate data you can get for vehicle routing in every country we operate in. With HERE APIs, we can get real-time traffic data without having to do anything ourselves. That was the basic decision point for us; it forms the basis of everything we do.

René Munk Joergensen 

Partner/ Head of R&D



Providing organization services with spatial data

Descartes uses HERE geocoding data for ETA-planning. HERE Technologies lies at the core of Descartes ability to provide organization services for route optimization, delivery planning, last-mile, ETA capabilities and more.

We can build these route planning and optimization models very quickly and achieve results for customers using that geometry data. We also use things like real-time traffic conditions, predictive traffic, historical traffic patterns, posted speeds and some of the other premium location-based attributes HERE provides.

Ken Wood

Vice President of Product Management for Descartes

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Create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses with advanced algorithms.

3D map view of Boston

HERE Map Rendering

Render daily updated, accurate and comprehensive geospatial data to suit your business needs.

Indoor map location on mobile

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Bring high precision location awareness to your apps and devices, even in challenging indoor or outdoor environments.

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