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Next-generation mapmaking capability that delivers the freshest data to revolutionize how you build, update and use maps.

Fresher and more accurate maps that cover all road classes

Revolutionize the way you build maps. UniMap has the capability of extending the world's best map built by HERE with private map content, allowing you to create and customize maps with unmatched freshness, speed and accuracy.

Advanced features of Unimap

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Delivers unmatched levels of map freshness

Unlock the unique ability to rapidly fuse large quantities of data from diverse sources, including vehicle cameras, industrial lidar and satellite, into a fully aligned and unified global map stored in a single environment. Reduce the time from detection to publication with continuously refreshed live map content.

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Aligns map content with high fidelity

Deliver real-world accuracy and semantic consistency by aligning all SD (standard definition), HD (high definition) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) map content into a single digital representation of reality with easy access to a unified catalog of navigation, automated driving and ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance) content.

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Obtains optimal coverage with global footprint

Thanks to an automation-first architecture, UniMap provides better global coverage in a technically advanced and scalable way. Retrieve the data you need any time from a set of readily accessible products stored in a single environment and combine highly accurate data with complete coverage.

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Allows flexibility to choose and combine map content

Leverage full flexibility without compromising on consistency and integrity. UniMap allows you to select and mix and match specific map content features that are tailored to fit the needs of particular use cases, while also maintaining spatial alignment with any feature you choose to add in the future.

Discover how UniMap delivers the fastest, most open and unified data sets

The HERE platform ecosystem

HERE platform ecosystem-UniMap

Manage your own combination of private maps

The HERE platform ecosystem is compatible with other map content. Supported by multiple tools such as one map model, standardized validation tools and many others, our platform facilitates the onboarding and use of third-party maps, providing full compatibility with other map data.



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