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Master precise vehicle positioning for autonomous driving applications.


HERE Positioning

Bring high-precision location awareness to your apps and devices, even in challenging outdoor environments.

HERE Positioning

Gain worldwide positioning accuracy using a combination of satellite, sensor, cellular and Wi-Fi signals

Access hyper-precise GNSS positioning

Get precise global positioning with accuracy up to 0.2 meters for automotive and mass-market devices.

Use a full positioning technology stack

Gain a faster time-to-first-fix (TTFF) even when offline, using integrated positioning methods including radio map tiles or power-efficient sensors.

Scale seamlessly on your preferred cloud

Deploy quickly and easily worldwide with multi-region and multi-cloud availability on AWS and Azure or on-premises.

Discover how HERE Positioning helps locate your devices

Explore a range of advanced positioning services

HERE HD GNSS Positioning

Use hyper-precise, sub-meter level positioning accuracy for automotive, mobile devices and chipsets. You can improve accuracy by 3-4 times compared to regular GNSS positioning.

HERE Network Positioning

Pinpoint the geographic position of a device or asset with our hybrid technology. Even when GPS is compromised or unavailable, you can obtain an accurate location fix with our global, crowdsourced database of cell IDs and Wi-Fi access points.

HERE A GNSS Positioning

Reduce your time-to-first-fix for GNSS receivers from minutes to seconds. Support all constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS and Galileo.

keep your data safe-editorial cards-self hosting

Available for self-hosting

Find out how storing location data on your own infrastructure provides full control of your data safety, security and privacy while reducing latency and improving cost management.

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