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Master precise vehicle positioning for autonomous driving applications.

View of a highway with a car using GNSS positioning, GNSS technology and positioning solutions to give precise locations.

HERE Positioning

Bring high-precision location awareness to your apps and devices, even in challenging indoor and outdoor environments.

Gain worldwide positioning accuracy, using a combination of satellite, sensor, cellular and Wi-Fi signals

Pinpoint the location of devices and assets with precision, outdoors and indoors, even in urban canyons – to build seamless and engaging customer experiences.

HERE Positioning HD GNSS Satellite

Hyper-precise GNSS positioning

Precise global positioning with accuracy up to 0.2 meters for automotive and mass-market devices.

map tiles with wifi and bluetooth

Full positioning technology stack

Faster time-to-first-fix even when offline, through radio map tiles or sensors that consume less power.

3 clouds

Scalable on your preferred cloud

Deploy quickly and easily worldwide with multi-region and multi-cloud availability on AWS and Azure or on-premises.

Discover our positioning services

HERE HD GNSS Positioning

Hyper-precise, sub-meter level positioning accuracy for automotive, mobile devices and chipsets that improves accuracy by 3-4 times compared to regular GNSS positioning.

Network Positioning, Positioning Solutions, Asset Tracking , WiFi Positioning System,

HERE Network Positioning

Pinpoint the geographic position of a device or asset with our hybrid technology, even when GPS is compromised or unavailable. Obtain an accurate location fix with our global, crowdsourced database of cell IDs and Wi-Fi access points.

GNSS Systems, GNSS Technology, Positioning Technology, TTFF, GNSS Recievers

HERE A GNSS Positioning

Reduce time-to-first-fix (TTFF) for a GNSS receiver from minutes to seconds, with support for all constellations – GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS and Galileo.

High-accuracy positioning for a wide range of use cases

Location Technology, Positioning Technology, Automated Driving, Self Driving Vehicles, Driver Safety,

Enhance driver safety

Provide extra safety for positioning self-driving vehicles, with redundancy against sensor issues or bad weather. Help drivers find the correct lane on highways and avoid obstacles on the road.

Fleet Routing, Offline Navigation, Fleet Navigation,

Improve fleet navigation

Help fleet drivers navigate multi-lane highways to avoid getting lost. Reduce the jamming and spoofing of GPS signals and position trucks accurately despite interference from buildings, trees, tunnels and bridges.

POI Search, Address Lookup, Urban Mobility, Urban Journey, Route Planner,

Find people and assets fast

Accurately locate e-scooters and bikes, even in urban canyons with weak GPS signal. Precisely determine ride-share passenger locations, as well as pick-up and drop-off points inside large venues for better ETAs.

Mass Notification Systems, Fleet Dispatch, Traffic Incident Management  Incident Management Tools, Traffic Incident Management, Emergency Management

Respond to situations swiftly

Route emergency calls to the appropriate response centers based on the caller's location. Provide x-, y- and z-level information in multi-story buildings to send emergency teams to the precise location and have the option to deploy on-premise for enhanced security.

Wearable Devices, Location Data, Location Trackers, Fitness Tracker,

Improve device performance

Enhance location experiences on everyday devices, such as fitness trackers, AR/VR games, wearables and smart devices. Get better device performance and enable creation of new location services.


Case Study: Sony brings precise positioning to devices with HERE

Discover how Sony integrates hyper-precise location awareness into its dual-band LSI chipsets – with HERE HD GNSS Positioning.

One-pager: HERE Positioning

Learn how you can accurately pinpoint your devices and assets both outdoors and indoors with HERE Positioning.

White Paper: Positioning in a 5G World

Explore the vital role of location for transforming network technology.

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