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Optimize EV routing and charging

Prevent charge and range anxiety, improve battery consumption and increase range estimation accuracy.

A man holding a charge nozzle to charge his electric vehicle


EV charge points


of chargers with real-time data


pre-integrated eMSPs

Reduce EV adoption barriers with location


Prevent charge anxiety

Gain visibility into nearly 1.5M EV charge points globally and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to predict charge point availability.

Optimize routing and range

Improve range

Improve battery consumption and range estimation with greater precision using location services and data that consider factors such as road topography, driver profiles, charge point planning, real-time traffic and more.

Customize EV driving

Customize EV driving

Personalize your EV driving experience by leveraging bring your own data (BYOD) and custom filtering of e-mobility service providers (eMSPs).

Accelerate electric vehicle adoption

Reduce charge and range anxiety

Plan your charging stops

Leverage close to 1.5 million EV charging points, including information on the network, charging speed, payment type and real-time availability.

Predict range and charger availability

Predict range and charger availability

Use machine learning (ML) to predict charger availability and access location-based road and weather data to improve EV range estimation.

Navigate and optimize range

Navigate and optimize battery consumption

Easily plan your EV journey and optimize energy consumption with automatic charging stopovers along your route, available for both embedded and mobile applications.

Charge and pay

Charge, pay and personalize

Enable true end-to-end driver journeys. Make reservations and payments with unique charge point IDs from 100+ eMSPs that cover more than 4.000 charge point operators (CPOs).

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Leverage advanced EV solutions

Boost EV drivers' confidence, reduce range anxiety and enhance safety with real-time data and customizable routing solutions.

HERE EV Charge Points

HERE EV Charge Points

Ease driver range anxiety with information about charging stations along their route, including connector types and real-time availability.

AI predictions for EVs

HERE EV Charge Point Predictions

HERE’s prediction machine learning (ML) model leverages GPS probes, vehicle sensor data and correlated historical time/day, weather, and traffic pattern data so that EV drivers gain greater visibility into the availability of a charge point by the time they arrive for their charge.

Optimized routings for EVs

HERE Routing - EV

Plan stress-free journeys. Discover our routing portfolio designed for various modes of transport.

Discover our pricing

Get started for free with flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing.

EV Index rankings

Read an in-depth analysis by HERE and SBD to learn about EV infrastructure and readiness in the US and Europe.

Customer stories


A new standard for battling range anxiety

See how Lotus ELETRE uses HERE Navigation to give drivers peace of mind and eliminate the fear of running out of energy.

Lotus and HERE combine the full capabilities of a connected navigation system with the unique Lotus digital user experience to deliver a world-class navigation solution.

Serino Angellotti

Senior Chief Engineer at Lotus Tech Innovation Centre


VinFast VF 9

Accelerating in-car navigation for smart electric cars

VinFast, Vietnam's leading manufacturer of premium automobiles, uses HERE Navigation for a highly customizable and upgradeable navigation experience throughout the life cycle of its smart electric cars.

HERE Navigation is cost-effective and highly scalable, providing our drivers with an upgraded navigation experience.

Hong Sang Bae

Chief Technology Officer at VinFast


Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks

Delivering a tailored electric truck navigation system

Volta Trucks, the leading and disruptive full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, uses HERE Navigation with EV Range Assistant to deliver the very latest in-vehicle-information functionality, while simplifying supply chain complexity – thereby improving scalability and reducing costs.

With HERE Navigation, we can provide innovative and differentiated experiences to our drivers, while simplifying our supply chain and accelerating our route to market.

Ian Collins

Chief Product Officer of Volta Trucks



Precise range estimations for electric motorcycles

RGNT integrates the HERE EV solution that seamlessly sends routes from smartphones and receives real-time battery charge estimates, giving electric motorcycle riders the confidence of knowing exactly how far they can go.

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