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HERE Geocoding & Search

Enable precise conversion and discovery of geocoordinates, POIs and addresses to improve location accuracy and context.

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Identify locations and provide local search in your solutions to improve user experience

Address locations-Geocoding & Search

400 million address locations worldwide

Access accurate house number data with navigable and display positions in 100+ countries and territories. Understand and fix differences in address formats across countries to pinpoint locations faster.

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Enhance your data discovery capabilities

Use integrated and robust geocoder and search queries, geocode, autosuggest queries to quickly provide most relevant results and insights.

Find Address

Customize your search experience

Bring your own business data into your map search infrastructure. Make use of proprietary or third-party datasets and logic for mapping and location-related queries.

Do more with location-based data

graphic of mobile phone with ev charging locations

Geocode places to coordinates

Find the geocoordinates of an address, place, locality or administrative area ranked by relevance or proximity, even if the query is incomplete or partly incorrect.

Reverse geocode coordinates to places

Enable your applications to ask "What's here?" with reverse geocoding. Retrieve the nearby street address or area information for given geocoordinates.

Search and discover nearby places

Let your end-users query and explore a rich global dataset of over 120 million places and 400 million addresses, plus third-party datasets such as Tripadvisor.

Autosuggest places

Give users quicker and better suggestions for places, addresses, chain queries or category queries, with or without spatial filters.

Lookup places by a unique ID

Retrieve geocoding and search results individually for any HERE location ID. This provides a unique identifier for every place or location object in our dataset.

Browse nearby places

Enable end-users to perform a structured or filtered search at a given geolocation. Return a browsable list of places, streets or localities ranked by proximity to that location.

Bring your own data

Add your own POI data sets to your search infrastructure to provide more relevant results to your end users by using HERE Workspace (requires a separate license).

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Available for self-hosting

Find out how storing location data on your own infrastructure provides full control of your data safety, security and privacy while reducing latency and improving cost management.

Customer stories


Empowering drivers and improving fleet efficiency for Eleos

HERE Geocoding & Search enables Eleos to display locations of fixed and mobile assets on a map and deliver control to trucking companies and drivers.

We needed a platform that would allow us to build our own version of the driver experience. Thanks to HERE, the driver is able to see how each trip is laid out.

Kevin Survance

CEO and Co-Founder of Eleos



Lyft and HERE Technologies partner to improve the rideshare experience through better data

Improving the rideshare experience through better data

Rideshare app business Lyft has chosen HERE as its primary search and places provider. All Lyft destination requests in the U.S. and Canada now use HERE Geocoding & Search to find places and addresses.

Using HERE's search, our riders are now connected to a rich catalog of addresses and points of interest, which are constantly updated and refreshed – creating more reliability as well as a better experience for our riders.

Ashwin Raj

Head of Rideshare at Lyft


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