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HERE Location Services - Self Hosting

Host location data on your own infrastructure to gain full control of your data safety, security and privacy.

Protect your data

Protect your data

Provide a secure environment for sensitive location-related data behind your firewall to ensure the highest level of privacy and security. Gain full control over data storage, usage, performance and latency.

Enhance your performance

Enhance your performance

Leverage your company's own infrastructure to streamline processes, better manage large data volumes and improve service availability. Ensure low levels of latency to deliver seamless experiences.

Improve cost-efficiency

Improve cost-efficiency

Contain the costs of processing large volumes of data and implement monetization strategies that match your specific needs. Eliminate high upfront capital investments and match operating costs to demand.

Discover the benefits of self-hosting services

keep your data safe-editorial cards-self hosting

Keep your data safe

Manage your data processing while maintaining full control of your data storage and distribution.

guarantee compliance-editorial cards-self hosting

Guarantee compliance

Adhere to government regulations while honoring your business mandate for using and storing data.

enhance performance-editorial cards-self hosting

Enhance performance

Minimize last-mile data bandwidth concerns and leverage your own infrastructure to manage huge data volumes.

reduce latency-editorial cards-self hosting

Reduce latency

Set up the infrastructure for reducing risks of data transfer delays and install servers in proximity locations to ensure low levels of latency.

HERE Location Services available for Self-hosting

Map rendering services

Deliver high-quality maps with global coverage using fresh data and fast map rendering that includes support for 3D maps and multiple map styles. Get access to global satellite imagery and create visual representations of map data and on-screen user interactions.


Routing service

Use directions services to provide traffic-aware route calculations for vehicle routing and determine routes for cars, trucks, public transportation, pedestrians and bicycles between two or more locations.

Geocoding services

Provide geocoding (translate geographic coordinates into addresses) and reverse geocoding (obtain geographic coordinates from addresses) across the world with more than 250 million house number points. Leverage the geocoder autocomplete feature to enable more accurate address searching.

Traffic services

Offer client- and server-side functionality that enables the retrieval and visual representation of information regarding real-time traffic conditions, historical flow data incidents, traffic incidents, flow data and flow availability.

Route Matching service

Accurately match GPS traces to the HERE road network to determine the most probable route your moving assets are taking, detect illegal maneuvers and compare speed limits with the speed of a vehicle.

Geofencing service

Monitor mobile assets in reference to a geographic area inside or outside a geofence or the distance to the next border. Manage custom geometries and use them as geofences.

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Timocom-customer story

Smarter routing and advanced data privacy

Find out how HERE Self-hosting services enabled TimoCom to maintain control over their customers' data security and privacy while optimizing routes and operational costs.


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