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HERE Routing

Create a stress-free journey experience with a comprehensive routing portfolio for multiple modes of transportation.

Simplify your route planning

Build your optimized, safe and accurate routing solution for the movement of people, goods and vehicles. Access accurate routing capabilities based on enterprise-grade maps and location data. Adapt routes to real-world circumstances and reliably reach destinations around the world. Get accurate ETAs that take into account real-time congestion and incidents. Customize routes to fit specific personal preferences or business requirements. Do all this and more with HERE Routing.

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Support multiple transportation options

Choose routes via different modes of transportation, such as car, motorcycle, truck, EV, bicycle and pedestrian – enabled by a rich set of map data attributes.

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Optimize routes using 100+ parameters

Automatically adjust routes to avoid features such as toll roads, motorways, ferries, stairs or park paths. Select routes that provide the fastest or shortest journey.

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Update journey ETAs dynamically

Get an up-to-date and accurate ETA with advanced routing algorithms, rich map datasets and dynamically updated journey information.

Routing services

View of routing API, route optimization software, fleet routing and fleet routing software.

Routing API

Plan routes with a diverse range of options – including mode of transportation, fastest/shortest route and route calculation by arrival time.

Customer stories

Director of the Business Unit IT at TIMOCOM discussing routing tools, multi route planner, routing API and fleet routing.

Optimizing freight logistics routes

Freight logistics platform TIMOCOM uses HERE Routing to calculate and predict the best routes to match shippers and receivers – providing optimal route value by waypoint sequencing.

I think the maps and the routing services are the most valuable things we use from HERE, because we couldn't do this on our own. And HERE is a very reliable partner for us, so we can integrate these into our core services and provide them to our customers.

Ansgar Max, Director of the Business Unit IT at TIMOCOM



HERE Routing one-pager

Get a concise overview of the features and benefits of HERE Routing.

Routing tutorial

Take this developer tutorial to explore an example of using HERE Routing for a fleet management use case.

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