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HERE Routing

Plan stress-free journeys. Discover our routing portfolio designed for various modes of transport.

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Create optimized, safe and accurate routing solutions

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Select routes for different modes of transportation

Choose from multiple transport options such as motorcycle, truck, EV, bicycle, transit, taxi and pedestrian. Routing instructions available in 108 languages. 


Optimize your route by using over 100 parameters

Select routes that provide the fastest or shortest journey. Automatically avoid features such as toll roads, motorways, ferries, stairs or park paths. Solve complex real-world use cases without any additional coding. 

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Dynamically update your estimated time of arrival

Get up-to-date and accurate estimated time of arrivals with advanced routing algorithms, rich map datasets and regularly updated journey information.

Transform the way you plan journeys

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Routing API

Plan routes using a variety of options, including transport mode, duration and arrival time.

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Matrix routing

Get an optimized matrix summary of your journey based on the routes between multiple start and end points.

Isoline routing

Refine your search by travel time, maximum travel distance and even the available fuel or charge level of a vehicle.

Waypoint sequencing

Find the optimal routing sequence for up to 150 waypoints, such as fastest journey time or shortest distance.

Truck routing

Improve the efficiency of truck routing with specific attributes, taking into account physical and legal restrictions.

EV routing

Leverage customizable routing for electric vehicles (EV) that considers real-world, dynamic factors that impact battery range. 

Traffic-enabled routing

Base journeys on real-time and historical traffic data, reflecting daily lane changes and seasonal road closures.

Transit routing

Calculate the optimal routes on public transport. Highlight details en route such as directions to stops, station locations and interchanges.

Intermodal routing

Combine multiple modes of transport in a single journey. Chose from driving, ride-sharing, taxi, cycling, public transport and walking.

Route matching GPS traces

Match GPS traces to roads and access map attributes to them. Gain the right insights for risk assessments and other driving analyses.

Custom fuel calculations

Specify parameters (such as speed, ascent, descent and auxiliary) to calculate fuel or energy consumption for your vehicles on a given route.

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Available for self-hosting

Find out how storing location data on your own infrastructure provides full control of your data safety, security and privacy while reducing latency and improving cost management.

Customer stories


Optimizing freight logistics routes

Freight logistics platform TIMOCOM uses HERE Routing to calculate and predict the best routes to match shippers and receivers, providing optimal route value by waypoint sequencing.

HERE can fulfill all of our needs and the needs of our customers.

Marcel Frings

Chief Representative at TIMOCOM


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