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Fleet Optimization package

Plan the best routes and maximize operational efficiency with our bundle of fleet optimization solutions.

Fleet Optimisation package

Streamline logistics and transport management

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Leverage best-in-class map content

Generate the most precise digital maps and accurate ETAs by including all relevant commercial vehicle data such as bridge and tunnel height restrictions and real-time traffic feeds.

Accelerate deployment and time-to-value

Improve fleet efficiency with flexible APIs

Achieve efficient fleet planning and scheduling. Streamline your delivery operations by leveraging specialized software components (APIs) that can easily be tailored to your needs.

Leverage full cost control

Optimize fleet planning through innovation

Improve business outcomes with our market-leading fleet management algorithms built on AI. Perform complex exchanges between vehicle profiles, driver availability and delivery schedules.

Fleet solutions tailored to your needs

Maximize fleet efficiency, minimize costs

Maximize fleet efficiency, minimize costs

Increase your fleet's throughput and deliveries while reducing costs by up to 15% or more with precise ETAs, SLAs and dynamic shift planning. Intuitively create the most efficient routes for your entire fleet.

Optimize shift planning with dynamic routing

Optimize shift planning with dynamic routing

Harness the value of comprehensive data feeds with a maximum matrix size of 10.000 by 10.000 (origin - destinations) to enable customizable and dynamic shift planning for transport and logistics management.

Solve complex fleet optimization challenges

Solve complex fleet optimization challenges

Deliver solutions for elaborate fleet optimization routines effortlessly. Balance vehicle fleet profiles, driver skills and availability as well as demanding delivery schedules with ease.

Maximize the efficiency of drivers' hours

Maximize the efficiency of drivers' hours

Increase driver satisfaction by accurately assessing the workload to reduce working hours and enable more package deliveries in less time. Enjoy smooth operations, efficient deliveries and satisfied customers.

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Leverage our Fleet Optimization package, a suite of REST APIs for precise, cost-effective fleet management.

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