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Webinar - ADAS for Long-Haul Trucks: The Path to Efficient and Safe On-Road Freight

Automated Driving

Helping automated driving systems be more reliable, safe and comfortable across all levels of automation.

Improving automation

Make automated driving systems safer and more comfortable with location data.

Automated driving systems rely mostly on sensors to work effectively, but sensors have limitations. They can't see around corners and struggle to operate efficiently in bad weather conditions, such as snow and fog. Richer data and more detailed attributes help automated driving systems be more aware of a vehicle's environment, by supporting the automotive industry with detailed location data.

Driving the automotive industry forward with location technology

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Control Assist

Provide vehicles with substantial control features, like switching lanes for the driver, plus brake or accelerate with traffic flow.


Synchronization mobile integration

Established products

Improve your customers' automated driving experience inside and outside the vehicle with our portfolio of products.
Data ownership

Platform environments

Enrich, analyze and monetize your data with our unique platform capabilities.


Help millions of drivers see hazards around the bend

Use a trusted partner that already produces map content for advanced driver-assistance systems.

Make it your own

Improve ADAS with maps used in 17m+ vehicles

Add more information into the decision-making process, including sensors with defined parameters.

icon of car with map marker

Outperform camera-only speed recognition by over 50%

Combine more features with your camera to better detect speed limits. Use map data with speed limit information as a safeguard.

 A speed limit sign covered in snow showing how important intelligent speed assistance is in automated driving.


Promote compliance with the 2022 EU Intelligent Speed Assistance Mandate by adding speed limit data on top of camera vision.

Stay ahead with connectivity and global scalability

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Road Awareness

Provide vehicles with intelligent insights, like alerts for slippery roads and speed limits to warnings about on-coming hazards and real-time traffic updates.

car on a windy road

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Build consumer trust by enhancing the functionality of ADAS systems with rich map data including road curvature, height, slope and lane information.

view of HD Live Map

Highly Automated Driving

Get ahead of the curve on self-driving cars with our high-definition, automotive-grade maps and connected service.

Testing HD  Live Map

Development and testing

Test, check and develop our automated driving products in different environments. Use our location services for features such as active lane changing and speed limit adjustment in a range of vehicles.

Customer stories

Safety beyond the surface

NIRA Dynamics provides information about road conditions – like friction and grip – by combining vehicle sensor data with location data from HERE.

I think the holy grail in road safety is to understand the road surface

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics


5G enabled collision avoidance

Demonstrating how Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities can be used in combination with HERE's HD Live Map and Live Sense SDK to warn vehicles about opportunities for potential collisions.

Automated driving resources

Blog articles



Discover our powerful platform tools

See how our platform tools can help automated driving systems become more reliable and safe.

HERE Workspace

Create, develop and scale location-centric data assets and services in one, secure environment.

HERE Marketplace

License, exchange or monetize your assets such as data, services, SDKs, algorithms and apps from trusted sources.

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  • Improve your customers' automated driving experience inside and outside the vehicle.
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