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Aerial view of city with graphics showing highly automated driving, ADAS technology and driver assistance technology.

Maps for ADAS and HAD

Make the driving experience safer and more comfortable – with location technology, maps and data for assisted and automated driving.

Build customer trust in assisted and automated driving, with high-precision ADAS map content and data

Enhance your advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) or highly automated driving (HAD) solution with thousands of location data sources – to see what vehicle sensors can't.


Choose an industry-leading location platform

Join 50-leading OEMs and automotive brands, deploying HERE products and services in over 150 million vehicles worldwide.

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Extend your solution with our modular portfolio

Create custom driving solutions, ranging from assisted to highly automated – using our products and services for ADAS maps, lane-keeping, traffic, hazard alerts and more.

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Access detailed global ADAS maps and data

Enhance your solution with worldwide maps accurate to within 20cm. Our data provides comprehensive speed limit coverage and accuracy.

Explore HERE capabilities and services for ADAS and HAD

A graphic showing highly automated driving, ADAS technology. HD live maps and driverless car technology.

HERE HD Live Map

Support your connected ADAS and HAD solutions with a cloud-based service, providing high-precision map tiles and continuously updated data layers.

View of a car driving with graphics to show ADAS technology, map data and ADAS car technology.


Build consumer trust by using rich map data and services that enhance the functionality of your ADAS systems.

Snow-covered road sign to show the importance of intelligence speed assistance, ISA, location API and speed limit data.


Enhance your intelligent speed assistance (ISA) system, using high-quality global speed limit data – supporting legal compliance and driver safety.

A person driving with their car dashboard showing connected navigation powered with map data.

HERE Navigation Map

Enable the seamless integration of automotive-grade maps with your ADAS or HAD solution, using our Navigation Data Standard (NDS) formatted map data.

Customer stories

Vehicle-to-vehicle hazard warning

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche partner on real-time warning system.

If cars warn each other about hazards in real time, ­human lives can be saved.

Michael Reinartz, Director of Innovation, Vodafone Germany


View of Ford Local Hazard Information showing hazard warnings, driver safety and automated driving.

Giving drivers early warning of danger around the corner

Together with Ford, we deliver a warning system to create awareness for upcoming road hazards.

This is a significant step forward. Warnings are specific, relevant and tailored to try to help improve your specific journey.

Joerg Beyer, Executive Director, Engineering, Ford of Europe

Creating the next level of mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics utilizes the growing HERE ecosystem by reaching out to a larger audience.

We can make use of the vast network of customers that HERE has from the beginning.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics


Providing 5G-enabled collision avoidance

Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities, combined with HERE HD Live Map and Live Sense SDK, help warn vehicles about potential collisions.

By harnessing the power of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Edge, along with HERE's proprietary 3D positioning algorithms, we are driving together toward a safer and more precise future.

Laura Cochran, Head of Product, Verizon Location Technology
Mercedes Benz DRIVE PILOT

Mercedes-Benz deploys HERE HD Live Map for DRIVE PILOT system

HERE is among the world’s first companies to provide an HD map for commercial production vehicles with Level 3 automated driving capabilities.

This enables us to give our customers back one of the most precious things in life: time – combined with a luxurious driving experience.

Georges Massing, Vice President MBOS: Automated Driving, Powernet & Integration E/E, Mercedes-Benz AG.


VSI Labs lane-keeping report

Learn how you can use HERE HD Map data to improve ADAS and HAD performance.

Related products and services

HERE Hazard Warnings

Keep vehicles and drivers warned of potential hazards. Access the latest data and alerts about dangerous road conditions along the route.

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes to save time and money with live traffic data.

HERE Lanes

Access 3.3 million km of detailed road lane location data to enable accurate land-keeping and give drivers detailed lane-level visual guidance.

Take ADAS and HAD to the next level with HERE

Join other major OEMs and automotive brands in enabling a better location-aware experience, across all levels of assisted and automated driving.

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