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Accelerate the development of location-enabled applications. Use proven tools and technologies to create superior user experiences with less effort.

Bring spatial intelligence to your applications

Create truly differentiated experiences for your users – by adding and customizing APIs for location search, routing, geocoding, positioning, map rendering and more. Build on HERE's high-precision location data, providing worldwide coverage in a global standardized format. Maximize the value of your own data and expertise, lower your operating costs and gain customer preference.

Discover a flexible way to build your application at speed

Routing app displaying the slope along the route between Kreuzberg and Mitte in Berlin.

Location Based App Development, Location Services, Location Apps, Routing Apps, Route Optimization

Utilize the latest real-world data

Work with SDKs and APIs that are built on live, global location data. Leverage over 1,000 detailed map attributes that reflect real-world information, such as the slope of roads, lane markings and traffic signs. Customize APIs by combining your data with HERE's platform backend, and fine-tune specific features and functionality, such as search, routing or positioning – to meet customer needs and create a superior user experience.

A location based app development of a routing API showing a delivery route featuring pick-ups, returns, time of delivery, number of stops and time to depot.

Location Based App Development, Map Data, Map Routing App, Location API, Location Apps, Location Based App 

Accelerate time to market

Efficiently build your customized application once, and seamlessly deploy and operate at scale. Easily roll out your application to multiple territories with our global standardized data format and unified API. Minimize the time and cost of development, data licensing and post-production maintenance.

Custom routing app thar includes a list of the APIs used such as Tour Planning, Tracking and Fleet Telematics.

Location Services, Location API, Navigation Apps, Routing Apps, Mapping Tools, App Development

Create resilient custom apps

Use tailored solutions for a range of devices and types of users with our location APIs. Improve business continuity with our robust infrastructure and service level agreements (SLAs) that provide around-the-clock maintenance. Keep your proprietary content private and protect the privacy of your users with our privacy-by-design approach.

Develop powerful location-based applications


Customize applications easily

Bring your own data and business logic – and license external location data, maps and services, all in a single environment.

Develop quickly-HERE Build Appplications

Develop quickly and efficiently

Build once and operate at scale, rolling out applications across geographies. Use market-leading mapmaking tools and algorithms to accelerate application development.

icon of map with location circles

Source quality location data

Save time and effort, accessing curated data sets with unmatched accuracy, detail and geographic coverage – including static and dynamic data, 2D and 3D datasets, and indoor maps.

Create outstanding location-enabled apps with our tools

HERE Routing

Calculate routes for fleets, passengers and businesses with advanced algorithms.


Integrate location features into iOS, Android and Flutter apps with online or offline maps – using pre-built UIs and personalization.

HERE Positioning

Pinpoint the precise location of devices and assets in places, both indoors and outdoors, using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile signal.

HERE Live Sense SDK

Transform camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers with an AI-powered SDK.

HERE Map Rendering

Optimize the end-user experience of your service or application with customized real-time map data.

HERE Map Data

Add context and relevance to your data by using the most comprehensive map – featuring road networks, POIs, land cover and more.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Translate precisely between addresses and geocoordinates. Search for POIs by address or by location.

Customer stories


Testing Verizon collision avoidance system

Providing 5G-enabled collision avoidance

Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities, combined with HERE HD Live Map and Live Sense SDK, help warn vehicles about potential collisions.

By harnessing the power of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Edge, along with HERE's proprietary 3D positioning algorithms, we are driving together toward a safer and more precise future.

Laura Cochran, Head of Product, Verizon Location Technology

DKV Euro Service

DKV Customer story

Utilizing real-time location data

DKV improves core offerings, from providing static to dynamic route optimization, with HERE's location technology that utilizes real-time location data. As it transitions into a data-centric organization, DKV extends its optimization capabilities to drivers – helping them make the right decisions moment to moment.

When it comes to accessing the location data that sustains our value proposition, we work with HERE Technologies because we perceive them as the leader in mapping and real-time, location-based services.

Dr. Hendrik Rosenboom, Chief Digital Offucer, DKV

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