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Make maps

Streamline operations and improve customer experience in real-time by creating and using custom interactive maps.

Bring your data to life with intuitive mapping technology

Easily make maps tailored to the needs of your users. Enrich the user experience with our location data and services – such as traffic, weather, hazard warnings, routing and more. Create private, collaborative or shared maps to protect user privacy, while safeguarding your business data and intellectual property.

Build interactive maps with spatial intelligence

Custom mapping software showing a driving route through a mountain range that includes parking, charging stations and restaurants.

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Make maps of your private sites

Create detailed interactive maps of your private sites, outdoors and indoors. Include sites not covered by public maps, such as warehouses, yards, farms mines and ports. Improve the accessibility of remote sites for your field workforce or asset management – by detailing private access roads and off-road trails.

Build maps using vehicle sensor data including acceleration, humidity and temperature.

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Bring your own data and business logic

Customize your maps with data or algorithms relevant to your business. Add private paths and trails, custom attributes and proprietary places of interest. Use sensor data from vehicles to create maps for assisted and automated driving.

Map making tool showing the review deployment plan using Maps APIs and including private POI content and MOM conversions.

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Access a suite of map-making services

Utilize offerings from the HERE platform for every stage of your product development. Combine your customized private maps with location services, SDKs and tools. Integrate your maps into dashboards, services, applications, analytics and visualizations. Exchange and monetize your maps on HERE Marketplace.

Make the right map for your business needs

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Use a rich set of map tools

Create your map using a range of powerful tools and resources. Work with varied data sources, such as vehicle sensor data and real-time traffic data.

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Build maps more easily

Create quick and easy maps using pre-packaged templates designed for no-code/low-code use.

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Customize maps flexibly

Enhance your map for multiple use cases. Create a location service or mobile app based on your map. Use it for analytics or sell it on HERE Marketplace.

Develop customized maps in a single environment

HERE Routing

Integrate location features into iOS, Android and Flutter apps with online or offline maps – using pre-built UIs and personalization.


Calculate routes for fleets, passengers and businesses with advanced algorithms.

HERE Positioning

Translate precisely between addresses and geocoordinates. Search for POIs by address or by location.

HERE Map Rendering

Pinpoint the precise location of devices and assets in places, both indoors and outdoors, using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile signal.

HERE Map Data

Optimize the end-user experience of your service or application with customized real-time map data.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Add context and relevance to your data by using the most comprehensive map – featuring road networks, POIs, land cover and more.

Customer stories


Eleos video thumbnail

Empowering drivers and improving fleet efficiency

Eleos uses HERE technology to display locations of fixed and mobile assets on a map – and deliver control to trucking companies and drivers.

We needed a platform that would allow us to build our own version of the driver experience. Thanks to HERE, the driver is able to see how each trip is laid out.

Kevin Survance, CEO and Co-Founder of Eleos

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