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Shebah partners with HERE to find the fastest and safest route as an all-women rideshare service

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27 October 2020

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and platform company, has today announced a partnership with Australia’s first and only all-women rideshare service, for women and families, Shebah.

Catering to more than 240,000 women and children across Australia, Shebah has shifted gears to HERE’s intelligent mapping and open location platform to deliver a safe and convenient service for their clientele.

Switching from a major competitor, Shebah now relies on HERE’s market-leading solutions to power the Shebah platform. Within the new agreement, Shebah will be using HERE’s Rest APIs and Premium SDKs to enable and manage the driver and rider app services via the HERE platform, deploying intelligent mapping and guided navigation.

By leveraging HERE’s Professional Services team’s location expertise, Shebah is able to redirect their in-house developer’s attention to backend migration and enhancing customer experience. As the platform grows, Shebah has chosen to invest in technology that puts women and family's needs in the front seat to ensure they aren’t compromised. Instead they will receive the best app and riding experience, as well as market leading convenience and safety.

As part of HERE’s offering, Shebah drivers will now have access to one of Australia’s most up-to-date, cloud-based mapping solutions which includes:

  • Real-Time Traffic Updates – assisting drivers to calculate a faster and safer route on a specific day and time, avoiding road closures, traffic congestion and accidents.
  • Speed Limit Guidance – notifying drivers of the legal speed for roads they travel, to ensure safe transport at all times.
  • School Zone Notifications alerting drivers when they are approaching a school zone allowing ample time to reduce speed.
  • Voice Navigation – available in multiple languages, drivers can focus on the road and overall rider experience rather than diverting their vision to follow directions.

“Since its inception, Shebah has been growing its fleet of female drivers as more women choose its unique service over others. We are thrilled to be working with Australia’s leading all-female rideshare, contributing to its mission to ensure the safe and convenient travel of women and families across Australia,” Head of HERE Technologies Oceania, Daniel Antonello said.

“Location intelligence has never been more imperative to ensure safe and efficient transport and it’s exciting to see Shebah invest in technology that reduces risk and improves customer experience. Faster and safer journeys allow for more trips to be completed by drivers by ensuring they avoid high-traffic areas - which is where accidents are also most likely to occur - as well as enabling passengers to get where they need to be as fast as possible.”

Founder and CEO Georgina McEncroe said, "Shebah is honoured to provide great connectivity and safe service to our passengers, now with the help of HERE Technologies. A long desired goal of Shebah has been one of the key benefits of this integration with HERE as the platform has enabled in-app navigation. The partnership provides an amazing opportunity for drivers and riders to remain safer during their Shebah trip with new features including built in speed tracker, multiple language options and touch navigation elements.

Additionally, the pricing structure of payment per trip aligns with our business model which was an important decision to achieve our overall goals. Shebah specialises in providing women, families and vulnerable people safe transport so we look forward to working with HERE Technologies long into the future as it is becoming increasingly important to provide our passengers and drivers with great options including enhanced features for seamless travel."

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About HERE Technologies 
HERE, a location data and technology platform, moves people, businesses and cities forward by harnessing the power of location. By leveraging our open platform, we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or a business optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, including our new generation of cloud-based location platform services, visit and  

About Shebah 
Shebah is Australia’s leading all-women rideshare service, providing safe transport and economic freedom to women and children across the country. Established in 2017 by Founder and CEO Georgina McEncroe, Shebah aims to bridge the gap in transport inequality, an obstacle preventing women from reaching their full potential. Shebah not only allows women to travel with confidence, but provides an opportunity for women to generate their own income on their schedule. Here at Shebah we want women to focus on where they need to go, without apprehension of how they're going to get there.