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Infrastructure Planning

Plan, design, build and maintain infrastructure efficiently with insights and tools powered by location technology

Make cost-effective planning decisions

The new era of 5G, infrastructure digitization and smart cities rely on the ability to properly assess the cost/benefit ratio of infrastructure investments.

With our extensive portfolio and marketplace of location content, you can gain insights and access the tools you need to maximize your return on infrastructure investments.

Digitize your 5G network planning, design and deployment with the submeter geometric and geospatial precision only we can provide to help improve your operational efficiency and enable smart infrastructure.

Create a digital twin of road, rail, mobile network, or energy infrastructure to monitor and improve safety and performance with our advanced location technology.

Areas of expertise

Planner using 5G Network for planning

5G Network Planning

Maximize your return on infrastructure investments with hyper-precise 3D geolocation data to digitize your network planning, design and deployment