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We are on a mission to make the planet cleaner and safer


The impact of location technology on sustainability

Together with our partners and customers, we are already seeing the tangible impact that HERE location technology can have on the global sustainability agenda. Looking at the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a set of urgent environmental and social goals – we see three areas where we can continue to drive significant positive change.

Reducing emissions

Reducing emissions

Location technology is a valuable tool in the fight to contain climate change. Fleets, for example, can use our location technology to precisely measure their carbon footprints. They can also rely on better geospatial awareness and routing to reduce emissions on the road – through efficiency, electrification or both.


Making cities

Making cities smarter and more livable

Cities are growing, but that doesn’t mean they have to be unpleasant and unhealthy places to live. Organizations are using our location technology to tackle perennial challenges such as traffic, pollution and access to mobility.


Building resilience

Building resilient and inclusive infrastructure

Communities cannot thrive without considering their infrastructure. Our location technology can reduce the cost and time needed to maintain and upgrade critical infrastructure such as networks, roads and rails.


Building a world that is sustainable, equitable and benefits everyone

We are committed to meeting our own sustainability goals and we're proud of the businesses that use our platform to reach theirs. HERE supports sustainable transformation across industries, whether it's fleets cutting emissions, cities curbing traffic or carmakers upgrading services for electric vehicles.


How we move our vision forward


Achieving Net-zero

Improving the environment and the well-being of those around us is a responsibility we all share. That is why at HERE, we are committing to Science-Based Targets to achieve net-zero emissions. HERE is joining more than 4000 companies, including our customers and partners, who pledged to achieve net-zero and tackle climate change. Read more about our net-zero commitment in our sustainability report.

Sustainability Greenhouse gas audit

Accountability &

Boosting accountability and transparency

HERE recognizes that achieving our ESG goals is a team effort. That is why HERE has established an internal Sustainability Advisory Committee to drive greater accountability and transparency across the organization. The goal of this committee is to foster greater dialogue, visibility and action for ESG topics across all functions of the organization. In addition to our internal efforts, HERE is publishing a wider account of activities externally under the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board reporting process. This is an industry-based set of reporting standards designed for investors and analysts to get a deeper view of our sustainable business activities. Learn more about these accountability and transparency efforts in our sustainability report.

Sustainability accountability

Environmental Action

Fostering Environmental Sustainability for Employees through EARTH

Formed in 2020, the Environmental Action Rising Through HERE (EARTH) is a group of HERE employees with a deep personal commitment to sustainability and a vision to deliver strategies, priorities, action and impact. The group reached over 350+ members and continues to grow. EARTH organizes internal annual awareness campaigns and events for Earth Day and Environment Week, as well as other environmental initiatives throughout the year. Find out more about the impactful initiatives of EARTH in our sustainability report.

Sustainability Employees

Privacy &

Commiting to privacy and data security

The HERE platform was built for users to always be in control of their data. The HERE Information Security and Privacy Information Management System has achieved and remains in strict compliance with various ISO certifications. We strive to go beyond regulatory compliance and make privacy an integral part of our corporate culture. Uncover more about how HERE is committed to privacy and data security in our sustainability report.

Sustainability commitment to privacy


Connecting and creating community

The diversity of people fosters new learnings and innovation at HERE. To support our diverse workforce, HERE has a variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that champion the voices of these employees. HERE Employee Resource Groups continue to enable communities and their allies to connect, be inspired and grow. These include the HERE Women's Initiative Network, Unity & Power, Vamos and HERE Pride. Discover more about our Employee Resource Groups in our sustainability report.

Sustainability creating community

Take a deeper look at how we are accomplishing our ESG mission


HERE 2023 Annual Sustainability Report and SASB Index

Discover how we leverage our technology and talents to deliver sustainable solutions that address societal needs, as well as the metrics with which we measure our business operations, based on the SASB framework, in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

HERE SASB Report 2022

Learn about the sustainability metrics with which we measure our business operations, aligned with the “Software and IT services” industry standard from the SASB framework to provide transparency and accountability.

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