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Location technology is the key for developers looking to build urban mobility solutions

Location technology is the key for developers looking to build urban mobility solutions

Urban Mobility

Optimize operations and journey planning for on-demand and scheduled mobility

Create intermodal journeys, optimize your fleet and shape the smart mobility ecosystem of tomorrow.

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Optimize operations

Scale your business, improve time to market, reduce costs and boost service efficiency with location technology.


Simplify journey planning

Provide an end-to-end in-app experience that takes your customers' travel preferences into account to drive seamless mobility.


Customize your data

Build services and products based on your needs. Enrich your data with HERE and other third-party data via our platform.

Build smart mobility solutions

A person hailing a taxi in the city using their mobile and on-demand mobility for urban commute

Mobility operations

Maximize your operations

Expand your coverage to complement local transportation networks. Identify high-demand areas and provide efficient rides by tracking, positioning and allocating your fleet with precision.

Key products

A person boarding a train with a bike using smart urban mobility solutions for seamless intermodal journeys

Intermodal trip planning

Power seamless commutes

Make it easier for commuters to get from A to B, even when the journey requires several connections. Provide ride-hailers with public transit options and make park and ride effortless.

Key products

Two people looking at urban mobility data and mobility ecosystem

Mobility ecosystem engagement

Extract value from your data

Expand your services and build new solutions by tailoring or exchanging data with third-parties via our marketplace. Monetize data and apply it to your strategic business decisions for smarter, more efficient and greener cities.

Key products

Rebuild smart mobility

Learn how location intelligence can be leveraged to rebuild the smart mobility market in a safe, sustainable and profitable way.

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Customer stories

Enhancing the purchase experience

Learn how partners HERE to bring convenience to customers on the go.

If [customers] use HERE WeGo maps and really have that need to book something, it’s right there [at] their fingertips.

Bianca Mussi, Director of Strategic Partnerships EMEA,


Sharing expertise for better mobility

Find out how SAP and HERE join forces to improve mobility as a service.

HERE has a good pedigree in location based services … we can learn from that and expand it into mobility as a service.

Senta Belay, Industry Solutions Manager at SAP


Shaping navigation in today’s world

Watch Verizon and HERE demonstrate how visual positioning can lead to smoother pickups.

HERE Technologies and Verizon are redefining how we move through cities by solving real-world challenges to urban mobility.


Building more efficient cities

See how City Tech Collaborative and HERE improve curbside management.

We’re bringing HERE’s video analytics and location analytics to the table to help cities really understand what their inventory of assets are at the curb.

Brenna Berman, CEO of City Tech Collaborative


Reimagining a century-old legacy

Learn how FordPass drives transformation through location intelligence.

In Europe, we offer real-time traffic provided by our partnership with HERE.

Jamie Allison, CPO of FordPass


Improving urban traffic flow

Watch how Siemens Mobility and HERE are optimizing green waves in cities.

We leverage location data from HERE by combining their car probe data with our traffic signal and detected data. That combination together is very powerful.

David Montgomery, Data Analytics and Implementation Manager at Siemens Mobility ITS Digital Labs


Industry voices

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HERE ranks #1 again in Omdia's Location Platform Index

We're proud to have maintained our lead in Omdia's Location Platform Index 2020. It's always our goal to find new ways to move your business forward.

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