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Our webinar examines how location intelligence helps mobility operators make a profit.

Urban Mobility

Optimize on-demand and scheduled mobility operations to enable seamless intermodal journeys.

Changing the way we move

Optimize your mobility operations and create an undisrupted travel experience by connecting all modes of transport.

The future of urban mobility faces several challenges, such as tight revenue margins, growing consumer expectations and city and environmental regulations all need to be considered.

Designed to make transport safer, easier and more efficient, HERE Urban mobility solutions help you optimize your operations by using our rich map content and attributes that serve every mode of transportation.

Gain customer satisfaction and market share by helping to make every journey seamless, safe and more intuitive. Grow your ridership by planning smart routes that allow for safe pick-ups and timely drop-offs. Avoid unnecessary block turns and dwell time in congested downtown areas with real-time traffic updates.

Enhance your current POI and address data for a better user experience. Notify and re-direct passengers, both indoors and outdoors, based on real-time traffic information and alerts.

car with clock

Cut travel time by 10%

Save commuters travel time. Increase willingness to use public transport with visibility on all available transport modes and routes.


Grow ridership by 15%

Create clear pick-up and drop-off points within one-meter accuracy. Enrich the travel experience for drivers and passengers with maps that provide centimeter accuracy.

screen with cog

Use the highest quality SDK

Customize your own solution from scratch or enrich it with the highest quality location data and one of the best SDKs on the market – together with our flexible business models.

Services in urban mobility

Key products

Plan intermodal journeys

Combine multiple modes of transport when planning routes. Integrate scheduled, on-demand and micromobility services.

Access advanced routing

Optimize your operations with features such as accurate ETAs, traffic warnings, efficient vehicle allocation, turn-by-turn navigation and intuitive pick-up and drop-off locations.

Improve driver safety

Promote safer rides with speed limit alerts, hazard warnings and real-time traffic notifications. Become the preferred choice for customers and gain a better market share.

Customer stories

Person getting picked up by Lyft driver who uses POI search and address lookup to demonstrate urban mobility.

Increasing mobility through collaboration

Using HERE’s search, our riders are now connected to a rich catalog of addresses and points of interest, which are constantly updated and refreshed.

Ashwin Raj, Head of Rideshare, Lyft
View of Deutsche Bahn train platform to show how location technology and HD maps work.

Maximizing existing railway infrastructure

At Deutsche Bahn, we are going to use the advantages of digital technologies to increase the capacity and quality of the railway system. The HERE HD map helps us to locate our trains more precisely. This way we can run more trains, at shorter intervals, on our existing infrastructure.

Dr. Kristian Weiland, Head of Program Digital Rail for Germany
View of a white arrival vehicle to demonstrate arrival mobility, location data, location API and SDK.


The navigation SDK from HERE is one of the best on the market. The quality of the location data coupled with the customization capabilities of the SDK means that HERE is the perfect partner for us.

Valentin Anisimov, HMI System Lead in Technology at Arrival
Siemens mobility employee standing in front of a projected map showing intelligent traffic systems using location data.

Siemens Mobility

Thanks to HERE's flexibility and expertise, we are now pleased to be in a position to offer UK local authorities and transport bodies an accurate data-driven solution which is both fast to deploy and cost-effective.

Wilke Reints, Managing Director, Intelligent Traffic Systems for Siemens Mobility
Congested traffic in busy city using streetlight data, transportation analytics for multimodal and urban mobility.


By partnering with HERE, we believe we can streamline our customers' experience. We want to make getting powerful, comprehensive, multimodal insights easier so our customers can spend less time fiddling with data, and more time making critical decisions.

Laura Schewel, CEO of StreetLight
Woman smiling in a car with ridesharing for women using the Shebah app that’s built on location data.


Shebah is honoured to provide great connectivity and safe service to our passengers, now with the help of HERE Technologies. A long desired goal of Shebah has been one of the key benefits of this integration with HERE as the platform has enabled in-app navigation. The partnership provides an amazing opportunity for drivers and riders to remain safer during their Shebah trip with new features including built-in speed tracker, multiple language options and touch navigation elements.

Georgina McEncroe, Founder and CEO, Shebah

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