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Enable asset tracking

Streamline operations, reduce costs and improve end-to-end supply chain visibility, performance and resilience.

workers wearing high visibility jackets working in a warhouse

Improve real-time monitoring and asset utilization, reduce operational costs


Quickly locate assets across the entire supply chain

Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs related to manually tracking down lost or temporarily misplaced assets.


Allocate resources, meet SLAs and satisfy customers

Ensure timely deliveries with precise ETAs, enabling optimal staff and equipment allocation.

increase asset utilization

Understand and increase asset utilization

Reduce excessive downtime and underutilization by leveraging insights from asset monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Drive operational excellence in your organization and industry

Reduce charge and range anxiety

Maintain supply chain resilience

Ensure stock levels are aligned with production line activity by tracking incoming assignments.

Predict range and charger availability

Track high-value and time-critical spare parts

Meet SLAs and maintain ideal conditions for time- and temperature-sensitive medications and vaccinations.

Navigate and optimize range

Increase the accuracy of delivery times

Improve the reliability of ETAs of delivered goods to increase customer satisfaction.

Charge and pay

Ensure driver safety

Achieve customer SLA targets (e.g. a 30-minute delivery or pick-up window).

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Develop and test advanced fleet solutions

Analyze and improve fleet operations in real-time with many-to-many route planning and customizable route optimization.

graphic of truck following tour plan

Fleet Optimization package

Plan the best routes and maximize operational efficiency with our bundle of fleet optimization solutions.

Matrix Routing

HERE Routing

Plan stress-free journeys. Discover our routing portfolio designed for various modes of transport.

tour planning locations

HERE Tour Planning

Improve how you utilize your fleet with many-to-many route planning and customizable, en route optimization.

Discover our pricing

Get started for free with flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing.

Customer stories


HERE Technologies, a location data and technology platform, and Actility, the global leader in IoT connectivity, are partnering to provide a new, cutting-edge IoT tracking service for mapping and location data management based on LoRaWAN® networks.

Seamless asset tracking indoors and outdoors

Find out how Actility, a global leader in IoT connectivity and hardware partners with HERE to provide a cutting-edge IoT tracking service based on LoRaWAN® networks.


Siemens Healthineers

Optimizing technicians' time

Discover how Siemens Healthineers created the ability to inform technicians if their shipment has been delivered to the right floor – or even the right room.

Through our relationship with HERE, Siemens Healthineers can inform hospitals and technicians ahead of time about early or delayed shipment arrivals.

Heiko Ansorge

Global Head of Service Supply Chain Solutions, Customer Services Managed Logistics at Siemens Healthineers


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