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HERE Navigation

Deliver a complete navigation and services experience for connected vehicles – with a turnkey or customizable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

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Discover a new direction for navigation and connected services

Give your customers a turnkey and fresh automotive navigation experience with HERE Navigation.

Developing and maintaining a navigation system is both expensive and time-consuming. Not only do you have to build it, but to stay competitive you have to constantly launch new features and roll out fresh updates.

With HERE Navigation, you can give your end-users the latest in-vehicle navigation without any of the hassles of building and maintaining it.

Reduce costs and complexity by using an off-the-shelf white-label SaaS application, ready for you to skin using your brand. Start by choosing from a full set of UX, features and services to give your drivers as standard. Rather than investing in your own developers, get automatic updates directly from HERE. Create new revenue opportunities by offering drivers additional paid-for service through HERE Platform and third-party services.

HERE Navigation is already being implemented by major OEMs globally – in both cars and heavy trucks.

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Deliver the freshest navigation experience

Provide up-to-date maps with streaming and caching. Develop new proprietary features and services with our Service Package SDK.

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Upgrade navigation features and services easily

Use over-the-air (OTA) capability to update user interface (UI), features and services throughout the vehicle's whole life cycle. Access our secure portal for seamlessly adding new connected services.

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Get to market faster with a SaaS solution

Accelerate deployment with a complete turnkey navigation application. Benefit from a re-styleable UI, global availability and full integration with connected services and voice solutions.

Get the freshest navigation experience

Explore the benefits of HERE Navigation

graphic depicting HERE Navigation on navigation system

Improve the EV driving experience

Reassure electric vehicle drivers with multi-stop route planning and automatic addition of charging stops, based on the charge level of the car.

graphic depicting HERE Navigation on navigation system

Help drivers stay in the optimal lane

Guide drivers safely and clearly into the correct lane for their next turn, with detailed road lane information.

graphic depicting HERE Navigation on navigation system

Provide reliable, accurate navigation

Access our latest accurate streaming maps and cache location data for offline navigation.

graphic depicting HERE Navigation on navigation system

Give the green light to efficient driving

Use predictive traffic signal data to enable a red-light countdown – and get guidance on speed needed to catch green lights ahead safely.

graphic depicting HERE Navigation on navigation system

See the urban landscape in 3D

Give drivers a clearer navigation context – with optional 3D representations of selected city center features, such as major buildings and bridges.

graphic depicting HERE Navigation on navigation system

Control your solution securely

Configure different navigation experiences for drivers, in line with vehicle brands, trim levels or regional needs – using a secure online portal.

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graphic depicting HERE Real-Time Traffic

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes to save time and money with live traffic data.

graphic depicting hazard warnings

HERE Hazard Warnings

Help drivers switch from a reactive to proactive driving style with pre-emptive road hazard alerts.

graphic depicting car on highway with data of what's ahead

HERE Live Sense SDK

Transform camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers with an AI-powered SDK.

Customer stories


A new standard for battling range anxiety

See how Lotus ELETRE uses HERE Navigation to give drivers peace of mind and eliminate the fear of running out of energy.

Lotus and HERE combine the full capabilities of a connected navigation system with the unique Lotus digital user experience to deliver a world-class navigation solution.

Serino Angellotti

Senior Chief Engineer at Lotus Tech Innovation Centre



VinFast VF 9

Accelerating in-car navigation for smart electric cars

VinFast, Vietnam's leading manufacturer of premium automobiles, uses HERE Navigation for a highly customizable and upgradeable navigation experience throughout the life cycle of its smart electric cars.

HERE Navigation is cost-effective and highly scalable, providing our drivers with an upgraded navigation experience.

Hong Sang Bae

Chief Technology Officer at VinFast


Volta trucks

Volta Trucks

Delivering a tailored electric truck navigation system

Volta Trucks, the leading and disruptive full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, uses HERE Navigation with EV Range Assistant to deliver the very latest in-vehicle-information functionality, while simplifying supply chain complexity – thereby improving scalability and reducing costs.

With HERE Navigation, we can provide innovative and differentiated experiences to our drivers, while simplifying our supply chain and accelerating our route to market.

Ian Collins

Chief Product Officer of Volta Trucks




Learn more about HERE Navigation as an off-the-shelf navigation solution for embedded IVIplatforms or mobile with a fully configurable UX and map design.

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