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Quickly and cost-effectively develop location-based services for online and offline usage. Tailor your services to meet end-users' specific needs by bringing your own data.

Transform your services with spatial intelligence

Avoid the usual high costs, long timescales and technology challenges of creating location services. Make it simple to develop, deploy and scale your services – using our low-code/no-code tools. Find all the map data and location APIs you need in one integrated platform. Easily build tailored services – such as custom search, routing or geocoding, optimized for both online and offline usage.

Create more advanced location-based services

Truck routing map showing the precise location of road restrictions, including weight and height limits.

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Work with precise location data

Improve the accuracy of your location services – with our highly precise geospatial data as your real-world foundation. Use our enterprise-grade APIs to enable advanced routing options. For example, routes for large trucks can be optimized using metrics such as vehicle height, width and weight.

A routing app used for asset tracking, illustrating what real-time map data looks like including; duration, travel time and arrival time for multiple stops.

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Tailor location-based services to your needs

Enrich maps with your own business logic and location data. Meet the real-world needs of users and customers – such as finding precise pick-up and drop-off points at large sites. Source and integrate third-party location data, maps and services – all in a single platform. Use flexible APIs to easily build custom services for routing, asset tracking and more.

A location based service app showing nearby charging stations for electric vechile. The real-time location system is also offline.

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Optimize performance and safeguard privacy

Create location-based services for a range of devices and use cases, online and offline. Maintain service continuity with our robust and resilient location platform. Protect your user data and proprietary content with our privacy-by-design approach.

Discover a quick, cost-effective way to build location-based services

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Customize services easily

Bring your own data and business logic – and license external location data, maps and services, all in a single environment.

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Create solutions more efficiently

Accelerate service development and get to market fast. Find everything you need in a single environment – including map data, APIs, algorithms, pipeline, production and maintenance.

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Access quality location data

Source curated data with unmatched accuracy, detail and geographic coverage – including static and dynamic data, 2D and 3D datasets and indoor maps.

Explore easy-to-use and advanced tools

HERE Routing

Calculate routes for fleets, passengers and businesses with advanced algorithms.


Integrate location features into iOS, Android and Flutter apps with online or offline maps – using pre-built UIs and personalization.

HERE Positioning

Pinpoint the precise location of devices and assets in places, both indoors and outdoors, using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile signal.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Translate precisely between addresses and geocoordinates. Search for POIs by address or by location.

HERE Map Rendering

Optimize the end-user experience of your service or application with customized real-time map data.your canvas.

Customer stories

Nira Dynamics


Creating the next level of mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics uses data from HERE to understand road surfaces to help improve safety.

Utilizing HERE Technologies, we can focus on what we do best.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics

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