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Designed to improve your decision-making. Discover patterns and trends by turning location data into compelling experiences.

Make smarter decisions based on actionable insights

The best business decisions are based on deep and accurate insights. But getting those insights relies on collecting, processing and analyzing the right data in the best way possible. Location data provides context to datasets and helps connect siloed datasets by linking them to a common reference in the real world.

Discover new insights using your data

Map visualization showing real-time traffic data, off-street parking data and third-party sensor data.

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Enrich your data with partner datasets

Rely on one common platform to utilize all your location data. Source data from both HERE and trusted partners on HERE Marketplace — combining your data with other datasets. Benefit from our global coverage and 1,000+ highly precise map attributes.

Visualization of location analytics which shows nitrogen dioxide levels in different areas.

Location Analytics, Location Insights, Map Data Analysis, Geoanalytics

Analyze trends with easy-to-use tools

Gain insights from maps or charts to better understand correlations. Choose the right tool to analyze your data, from our no-code/low-code visualization tool HERE Studio to HERE Data SDK for Python with Jupyter Notebooks.

A map of geospatial data showing map analytics of nearby charging stations for electric vehicles and the traffic flow between them.

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Dive deep to reveal new insights

Derive meaningful insights from a visual overview of your data – then action those insights. Share and present visualizations with your team for easy collaboration. Choose from a full stack of analytic capabilities available in HERE Workspace, including data management, descriptive, inquisitive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. This enables you to perform both human-level analysis and machine-based analysis on big location-centric data sets.

Discover how HERE can help you generate insights

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Easy access to world-class location data

Uncover patterns, trends and relationships by providing real-world context to your own spatial data, from any connected device. Integrate rich and accurate location data from HERE or trusted third-party providers to add a new dimension to your analysis.

SDK File

Process large-scale location data

Accelerate the time to insight from location data using the SDK for Python. Ingest any size of location dataset and any type of data feed (versioned, volatile, index or stream) for normalization and standardization. Prepare and enrich your data with location context and apply ML techniques.

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Save time by selecting the correct tool

Automate the ingestion of location data from varied systems and sources to a common spatial intelligence platform. Rely on the integrated advanced data analytics tools to accelerate analysis and ML, such as Jupyter Notebooks, Python, Scala and Spark.

Explore products and tools designed to help you generate insights

HERE Data SDK for Python with Jupyter Notebooks

Use familiar libraries, frameworks and engineering tools for fast and easy access to our platform content, services and HERE Marketplace.

HERE Marketplace

Source, exchange and monetize location data, services and applications, with trusted parties – all on one secure and neutral platform.

Customer stories

Rafay Khan CEO of talks about the HERE platform

Ensuring safer services

See how connects location technologies with machine learning capabilities to create safer services for passengers and reduce fatalities on the road.

With their open location platform, they're transforming the industry.

Rafay Khan, CEO of

NIRA Dynamics


Shaping the future of urban mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics uses data from HERE to understand road surfaces to help improve safety.

Utilizing HERE Technologies, we can focus on what we do best.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics

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