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HERE Marketplace

License, sell or exchange location data and assets in our secure global marketplace.

Source, buy, sell and trade location assets

Data is now the most valuable asset on the planet. But finding the right location-related data can be complex, with issues of security, cost and compatibility.

Find the right location dataset, service or application for your business challenge more easily. Explore HERE Marketplace to find, buy, sell or trade location assets in one, neutral place. Connect with a wide range of third-party location data providers from some of the world's largest brands.

Work with your location assets seamlessly using the HERE platform. Mix and match location assets from HERE Marketplace with your own data to build services and applications – in HERE Workspace, a secure cloud-based development environment.

You can also publish your own location datasets or off-the-shelf services and applications on HERE Marketplace – and generate additional revenue from your assets.

The neutral market for location assets

Person using a computer looking for data on HERE Marketplace.

Access HERE products and services

Explore, evaluate and license our rich portfolio of location data and services – all through one entry point.

Person at a laptop using location assets, location services, located based application, location data and 3rd party data.

Find, evaluate and source third-party location assets

Browse through a large selection of location assets – not only from HERE, but also from providers around the world. Evaluate them, find the right one for you – and start building your solution.

Create new revenue streams for your location-centric assets

Monetize your existing location assets. Publish them on HERE Marketplace and make them available for licensing to customers around the world.

Rich datasets from industry leaders

Customer stories

Creating the next level of mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics uses data from HERE to understand road surfaces to help improve safety.

Utilizing HERE Technologies, we can focus on what we do best.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics

Using weather to provide safer roads and driving experiences

Watch how Global Weather Corporation collaborates with HERE to deliver at-scale, road-level weather information for safer driving.

What HERE provides us, is a platform with scale. They provide a platform that gives us access to new types of information that we can use to improve the weather forecast.

Mark Flolid, CEO of Global Weather Corporation

Counterpoint report ranks HERE #1 for fourth time in a row

IDC Technology Spotlight

Buyers and sellers of location data assets still have challenges to find each other. Marketplace platforms make the process of matching data assets with buyers much simpler. 

In this report, IDC analyzes the key benefits of HERE Marketplace.

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IDC Technology Spotlight Report

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HERE Studio

Edit data in real-time to create maps faster and run large datasets in the cloud for instant viewing.

HERE Workspace

Create, develop and scale location-centric data assets and services in one, secure environment.

HERE platform

Turn location data into business value quickly, efficiently and at scale – with the world's #1 location data platform.

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