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HERE Marketplace

Source and buy location-centric content to bring location awareness to everything you do.

Data Control and Privacy

Data Control and Privacy

Control data visibility and sharing with our Private and Public listings, ISO 27001 and SSAE SOC, Type 2 certification and GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Openness and neutrality

Openness and Neutrality

Participate in our guaranteed nondiscriminatory and open environment with data sharing under creative commons and Neutral Server as a key feature.

Cross-industry Marketplace

Cross-Industry Data

Gain access to our global cross-industry data that leverages a large customer base and sees the network effects on both the supply and demand sides.

Everything you need to build better - from onsite to the cloud

Dive deep into our data sources, modeling and visualization, application development technology and industry solutions.

Discover our pricing

Pay only for what you use with volume discounts as you grow.

User guides and information

Data API Guide

Gain access to conceptual and tutorial information about using the Data API.

Identity and Access Management Guide

Find out how to register your applications to access HERE data and services.

Marketplace Provider User Guide

Access tools that can help amplify your data and increase service value.

Marketplace Consumer Guide

Explore listings and license location-centric products for data and services.


What is the HERE Marketplace?

HERE Marketplace is an open, neutral and scalable data exchange that enables you to source and buy location-centric content.

How do I access the HERE Marketplace?

By signing up for a HERE Base Plan account. To gain full access to the HERE Marketplace, provide credit card details during registration. If you are an existing base plan user, you can access the HERE Marketplace by signing into your HERE platform account.

Which products are available on the HERE Marketplace?

All data and services that you can license from the HERE Marketplace. Data refers to location data catalogs you can use to build maps. Services refer to location services that use geographic information to provide services or information for various use cases.

Does HERE keep my data secure?

Yes. Data security is part of our corporate DNA. We use effective measures to protect your data against unauthorized access, use, modification or loss by implementing the highest standards for data privacy and security in everything we do.

Is HERE compliant with GDPR?

Yes. HERE has implemented the required policies, processes and procedures to comply with the GDPR.

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