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Fleet driver delivery package to happy customer

HERE Places Footprints

Meet high delivery expectations with speedier pickups and drop-offs using our fresh, precise location data

Power in precision

Knowing where points of interest (POIs) are in a multi-tenant building is powerful.

Unlock new business value by locating POIs in large, multi-purpose buildings, such as malls, stadiums or train stations.

Meet your delivery window with faster, efficient pickups and exact delivery locations, enhance navigation for both commercial drivers and retail shoppers and improve ad campaign performance with mappable customer journeys.

A new level of accuracy

young delivery man delivering packages

Improve last-mile delivery

Get to the closest door possible for quick, cost-effective pickups and deliveries, ensuring you meet communicated time slots. Lead pedestrian shoppers and commercial drivers to their precise destinations.

two young emergency vehicle drivers speaking with dispatch using HERE Routing

Provide accurate guidance

Integrate our precise location data to enhance the user experience for commercial and private drivers. Get first responders to the emergency scene faster, accurately and safer with precise curb pickups and drop-offs.

young woman with face mask at grocery store looking at her phone

Target specific audiences

Sharpen your campaign targeting to share public service announcements. Improve ad campaign performance within multi-purpose buildings with tenant and parking space content.

Developer benefits

map iconography

Highly accurate

Build location applications on top of our industry-leading maps. Enhance your accuracy, freshness and global coverage.

all white icon datasets

Diverse use-cases

Access a rich location content portfolio for industry use cases, from AdTech to automotive, connected vehicles and more.


Global scale

Gain a global footprint of 100+ countries and territories that allows you to build once and scale quickly, expanding your services.



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