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HERE Places Footprints

Creating a mappable connection between businesses and building shapes

Power through precision

Understanding where and when consumers are inside a location is a powerful ability.

HERE Places Footprints takes things to a new level with its ultra-precise, hyper-intelligent location technology. It establishes a connection between frequently visited places of interest and the buildings that contain them, in turn unlocking new business value and enabling more targeted products and services.
For companies and advertisers in the AdTech space, this means creating better, more effective customer programs based on location and proximity. They can target campaigns more accurately toward their desired audience segments, gain better traction, and improve returns on their advertising investments. 

For automotive, retail, commercial real estate, logistics and transportation industries, HERE Places Footprints provides real-world footprints or contextualized location data to improve business analytics, places search, destination selection, last mile delivery and navigation guidance.

HERE Places Footprints for Advertising data science
HERE Places Footprints

Smart, contextualized location data to enhance ad campaigns

Enabling a new level of precision

highrise on a clear day

Highly precise location insights

HERE Places Footprints offers a more visually engaging and intuitive user experience. We reduce overall file complexity to create a beautifully rendered shape, retaining accuracy to reality.

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A neutral partner

HERE is not a competitor to your business, but a pure location data supplier. We focus on ensuring you have the best, most accurate location intelligence to work with.

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Global reach, global outlook

­Help businesses to better connect places to building footprints. Benefit from intuitive and engaging user experience plus improved mobile ad targeting. HERE Places Footprints is available in over 100 countries making us the ideal partner to expand your services globally.

Get started with HERE Places Footprints

With an intuitive and engaging user experience, content for 200 countries, plus improved mobile ad targeting, enable businesses to better connect places to building footprints.

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE Places Footprints is available as a stand-along file in GeoJSON format and leverages the HERE Places dataset, HERE 2D Footprints, and the HERE addressing portfolio. It uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to develop relationships, establishing connections between buildings, places and addresses. 

Each Places Footprint file publishes the following content:

  • Building footprints representing a 2D geometric building polygon that includes: 
  • References to Places/POIs/Point Addresses within a given 2D building footprint.
  • Confidence score indicating the confidence of a Place or Point Address within the assigned 2D building footprint
  • Basic Place information 
  • Basic Point Address information 


Omdia Location Platform Index 2020

Omdia's (formerly Ovum) Location Platform Index is an ongoing evaluation of what leading location platforms can do to improve your business, community and the world around you. 


Delve into our ad tech brochure to see how location is changing the game.


This informative brochure outlines how HERE Places Footprints can support  customers in the automotive, transportation, retail, real estate and public sectors.

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