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Advertising Data Services

HERE Geoenrichment

Smart location context that takes advertising campaigns to the next level

An API that brings real-world context into your user location data.

A significant part of advertising spend today fails to yield a profit as it often doesn’t reach the right audience.

HERE Geoenrichment (formerly named Advertising Data Services) is a REST API that enriches user location data with smart location context for more precise audience segmentation and attribution.

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HERE Geoenrichment

Watch how location data can help successful ad campaigns

Key differentiators

100+ million data points for enhanced audience insights

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Location context beyond POIs

Translate historical user location signals into location context using building shapes and identify customer whereabouts at any given time – no matter if they’re inside or outside a venue.

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One API for multiple data sets

To make things easy, our API comes with access to other HERE products like HERE Places, 2D Footprints and Places Footprints, all in one interface. More data sets will be added with time.

Flexible to meet your needs

You are free to customize the API output for location context to match your cases, such as the number of POIs you want to see, the POI category, the address and more.

Custom-built for advertising

You can match location context to real-world consumer behavior for more accurate audience segmentation, evaluate your completed campaigns and calculate your campaign’s effectiveness, or both.

Giving control over to you

Instead of providing ready-made audiences, our API gives access to smart location context, so you can further analyze your user data based on location behavior and habits of your customers.

Global coverage

We are global location data experts with more than 30 years of experience. Our API offers worldwide coverage that gives you better reach and facilitates smooth movements into new markets.

Get started with HERE Geoenrichment

With a single API for multiple data sets, plus the ability to locate customers inside and out, enable advertisers to eliminate inefficient ad spend.

Product applications

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Use case
Transforming Marketing Campaigns

Perfect-fit customer experiences with location insights

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Enhance the advertising ecosystem with leading location data and services

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Helping publishers better understand their audiences

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE Geoenrichment (formerly Advertising Data Services) is a REST API that unifies three components, consisting of three different HERE data sets: HERE Places, 2D Footprints and HERE Places Footprints.


  • A layer with 144 million POIs globally. Query the Places layer to see POIs (cafés, restaurants, shopping malls) within a given radius, ranked according to distance.
  • You can also see nearby public transport data.


2D Footprints

  • A layer with over 194 million polygon maps of buildings, including their shape and size.
  • Query the 2D Footprints layer to understand the exact building a mobile location signal comes from.


Places Footprints

  • Places and 2D Footprint content brought together.
  • Query the Places Footprints layer to understand the exact building a mobile location signal comes from, and what POIs are around it.

Dig deeper

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

Need more guidance?

See how our accurate location data aids segmentation, targeting, and enhances attribution.

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