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HERE Vector Tile

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Customize maps for specific use cases

HERE Vector Tile API is a RESTful service that gives you access to tiles containing vector data. It enables you to embed highly interactive maps that are easy to customize using HERE Map content and provides you with global coverage and map data updates continuously from the HERE Platform. Vector tiles contain geometries (such as points and lines) that define polygons, labels (including road names or city names) and other kinds of data that are typically passed to a renderer to create a map. The Vector Tile API also supports map interactivity and customization tailored to specific use cases.

The service supports configurability of HERE vector data layers, so users can specify alternative/additional data layer(s) to include in the vector map tile.

Along with the basic (default) data layers, HERE offers Advanced data layers*** which include HERE Premium content, such as truck and EV POIs, truck toll roads and road restrictions. Business Applications that render this premium content can greatly improve the user experience for Transportation & Logistics, and Supply Chain customers.


Supports multiple languages globally • Supports multiple political views • Basic 3D volumes, uncolored extruded footprints with flat roofs with massive geographic scope • Client-side map rendering, customization and object identification

HERE Vector Tile usage suggestions

  • Allows for map interactivity and customization tailored to specific use cases such as asset management, driver analytics and behavior analysis, extensible vehicle, journey planning, intermodal routing and infrastructure planning

Product Overview

Regional coverage   Global coverage including Japan; China and South Korea are excluded
Data format  Vector Tile Specification
Update frequency   Bi-weekly

*HERE Vector Tile is included in the HERE Base Plan and HERE Limited Plan.

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*** Subject for Advanced Vector Tile pricing.