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HERE Traffic Vector Tile

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Customize traffic layer visualization for specific use cases

HERE Traffic Vector Tile API delivers a transparent and customizable visual representation of real-time traffic flow and incidents using the vector tile specification. The Traffic Vector Tile API contains a separate API for Flow, Incidents and Incident Icons as well as specific traffic information and geometries (such as points and lines) that define polylines which are typically passed to a renderer to create a traffic visualization.


Real-time traffic available in Traffic flow tile • Traffic incident tile and traffic incident icons tile • Customizable based on user preferences • Uses web Mercator projection and follows the Vector Tile Specification • Encoded in Protobuf

HERE Traffic Vector Tile usage suggestions

  • Combine with HERE Vector Tile to view traffic on HERE Map
  • Leverage standard rendering specification to render traffic layer
  • Use the traffic flow tile to provide details for traffic road coloring, typically red/green/orange/red
  • Gain access to data, points and lines associated with traffic incidents such as accidents, construction, and closures using the traffic incident tile
  • Acquire point information about where incident icons should be displayed using traffic incident icons
  • Combine with Traffic API V7 to obtain more detailed traffic incident information

Product Overview

Regional coverage Global coverage in 75 Countries (excluding China)
Data format Vector Tile Specification
Update frequency Every 60 Seconds

*HERE Traffic Vector Tile is included in the HERE Base Plan and HERE Limited Plan.

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