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HERE Raster Tile

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HERE Raster Tile

The HERE Raster Tile API is a RESTful service that allows users to request raster map tile images with predefined styles for all regions in the world. When combined in a grid, these map tiles form a complete map of the world using Mercator Projection. Users can specify map style, zoom level, resolution, display language, geopolitical view and other parameters and features to enable the development of business applications for different use cases.


Explore, satellite or explore.satellite (hybrid) map styles • Day or night view • Base, background or label map tiles types • Tile format • Tile resolution • Truck restriction attributes • Environmental and congestion zones • POI display on/off

HERE Raster Tile usage suggestions

  • Visualize map content to support trip planning, fleet management, situational awareness, driver behavior analysis, etc.
  • Geo-orientate places and business locations, property locations and surrounding infrastructure, traffic situations, infrastructure planning, etc.
  • Link search and routing results or custom datasets with map background.

Product Overview

Regional coverage  Global coverage including Japan, excluding China and South Korea
Data format   Raster image formats (map tile response), JSON (information response)
Update frequency   Bi-weekly

*HERE Raster Tile is included in the HERE Base Plan and HERE Limited Plan.

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