HERE Electronic Horizon

Anticipatory data and sensor support for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications


Helping solve the key challenges of ADAS ​

Hardware sensor performances issues, such as failure of GPS coverage in tunnels, limited action radius of sensors, poor visibility due to weather or partial masking of road sign by dirt affecting camera sensors still remain a key challenge of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). However, maps can play a key role in overcoming these challenges to improve driving comfort, efficiency and safety.

HERE Electronic Horizon translates map information with detailed road characteristics into actionable data for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications, making them more reliable and extending their awareness beyond sensor limits.

Technical Information

Next-generation Electronic Horizon software

HERE Electronic Horizon is a set of embedded software assets for Linux, Windows or QNX platforms.

The Electronic Horizon provider allows for integration into HERE Auto SDK’s navigation core or deployment as a stand-alone component in an ADAS control unit. The offering also includes the corresponding reconstructor software for receiving ADAS units.

Using the ingested map, Electronic Horizon calculates the vehicle’s most probable, as well as alternative paths, and provides it to the ADAS unit, combined with a set of road and map attributes. Support for HD maps qualifies it for upcoming autonomous driving applications.

HERE Electronic Horizon contributes to performance and reliability of the following applications:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Powertrain Control and Energy Management

  • Adaptive Lighting

  • Traffic-sign Recognition and Speed Control

  • Night Vision and Object Recognition

  • Highly Automated Driving

How HERE Electronic Horizon works:

Integrated or stand-alone deployment

HERE Electronic Horizon can be deployed stand-alone within an ADAS control unit. Or combined with HERE Auto SDK turning the IVI system into a full-fledged Electronic Horizon provider.

ADASISv3 compliant

HERE Electronic Horizon supports vehicle bus systems beyond CAN and HD maps, owed to its first-to-market ADASISv3 compliance. OEM proprietary protocols are also supported.

Map and cloud flexibility

Deployments can be cloud-based or work with locally stored data. Supporting both standard definition and HD maps, the evolution of ADAS towards autonomous driving is ensured.

Ready for Autonomous driving

HERE Electronic Horizon provides the Autonomous Driving control unit with HD map data and environment information that enables precise localization and vehicle path planning.

Complete set of development tools

The included engineering tools enable the visualization of source map data, including HERE HD Live Map content and protocol simulations based on pre-recorded routes.

Extending vehicle awareness beyond sensor limits

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Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

Improving driving comfort, fuel efficiency and safety

HERE Electronic Horizon provides ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications with a representation of the road ahead, from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, improving driving comfort, fuel efficiency and safety.

One partner for a complete solution

HERE Electronic Horizon is optimized for integration with the HERE Automotive portfolio. From map, to navigation software and connected services, the compatibility of the Electronic Horizon software reduces development complexity and supports an accelerated time-to-market.

Prepared for a smoother ride

By providing speed and road curvature information well before vehicle on-board sensors can detect it, HERE Electronic Horizon enables the Predictive Cruise Control application to provide a smoother reaction to the change, improving overall driving comfort.

Supporting all application scenarios

HERE Electronic Horizon supports every application scenario. It can be a part of the IVI system or hosted in an ADAS map control unit, working with conventional or HD map data, and supports Cloud-based or offline deployments.

Smart car lighting

By providing exact information on the course of a curve ahead, HERE Electronic Horizon enables Adaptive Lighting system to control the cone of light more precisely, improving the driver’s vision in the dark.

A future-proof software stack

HERE Electronic Horizon’s software stack allows for the integration of upcoming requirements and protocol needs, enabling it for growth beyond the next vehicle model year. It’s ability to ingest HD map data, supports upcoming autonomous driving use-cases, which require centimeter-level precision.

Improving fuel efficiency

HERE Electronic Horizon enables drive train control systems to better adjust to impending road conditions, improving their fuel efficiency. Features encouraging drivers to adopt an eco-friendly style of driving through HMI dialogues can also make use of Electronic Horizon data.

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