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HERE HD Live Map

Build a safer autonomous driving system with our precise HD map data.

Give your automation added intelligence with HD maps

As driving becomes more automated, safety and compliance functions are key challenges to address. No matter the level of automation you're building, the automated driving experience should be safe and comply with local rules of the road. The HERE HD Live Map provides added intelligence to autonomous drivers to help them operate safer and more predictable within their defined operational design domain.

Stay fresh and reliable

Stay fresh and reliable

Use accurate data to inform driving decisions. Get fresh maps when needed with our data that's analyzed from multiple sources in real-time.

Create custom ISA solutions

ADAS to Autonomous

As your autonomous system matures, the same should happen with your map. Level up your map to align with the maturity of your autonomous system.

More than just HD

More than just HD

Automated systems need more than just HD content. Innovate your autonomy by combining your own data with our HD Map in the HERE platform.

Explore our HERE HD Live Map layers

Highly automated driving

HD Lane Model, HD Localization Model and Road Model

Access road furniture, like signs and poles, use robust semantic data and help self-driving vehicles make safe decisions with lane level detail.

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