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Streamline your supply chain

Holistic inbound and outbound transportation planning with one solution is now a reality


The SAP® Transportation Management app enhanced by HERE location data helps streamline operations and reduce costs.


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Boost business productivity

Efficiently plan, manage, execute and track shipments while reducing complexity.

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Improve end-to-end planning

Optimize deliveries and use trucks more efficiently through improved routing.

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Leverage location data

Draw on real-time insights for better forecasting, optimization, flexibility and savings.

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HERE APIs work seamlessly within SAP® Transportation Management, allowing you to leverage even more benefits out your software investment.

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HERE data gives you more than just access to industrial-grade maps, purpose-built to support hundreds of logistics use cases. Easily leverage sophisticated route calculation and optimization with industry-leading traffic data, weather information and more.

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Put every shipment into location context and lower your costs by optimizing routes. HERE location data helps customers plan and forecast more accurately, enhance freight management and optimize global transportation across all industries and modes.

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Find out how the powerful combination of SAP® Transportation Management and HERE location data can help your company improve productivity and cut costs.

Downloadable resources

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Make your address data work for you

Ensure accurate business contact data and improve efficiency with SAP® data quality solutions enhanced by HERE location data.

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Real-time supply chain visibility

Augment SAP® Transportation Management and SAP® Global Track & Trace with embedded location services from HERE Technologies.

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Data Quality for Everyone

Learn from SAP experts how easy it is to get started with Data Quality Management, microservice for location.