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For more than a decade, Esri and HERE have been providing end-to-end mapping solutions for desktop, server, mobile, and cloud platforms. HERE Map Content powers mapping, geocoding, routing, spatial analysis and geomarketing capabilities in ArcGIS. Today, HERE Technologies is an Esri Platinum Partner with a four-dimensional relationship with Esri: Partner, Customer, Supplier and Reseller.

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ArcGIS Online uses the largest number of HERE products, including Traffic, Traffic Patterns and Real-Time Traffic. HERE Technologies also supplies unique features such as pedestrian content, which calculates routes based on foot traffic.

Data Appliance for ArcGIS enables you to create, publish, and share map services with colleagues securely behind your firewall. It connects directly into your internal network and comes preloaded with terabytes of global basemaps and reference layers. Data Appliance for ArcGIS is a content solution that consists of hardware and data, and is especially designed to run with ArcGIS for Server software.

StreetMap Premium, which leverages HERE data, is available in all regions of the world. HERE Technologies provides Streets, Points of Interest (POIs), Admin Boundaries, Traffic Patterns, Trucks and Geocoding Locators built using HERE Point Addresses.

Business Analyst helps companies obtain critical business information, including customer lifestyles and market analyses. It uses HERE products such as Streets, POIs and Admin Boundaries and is available both online and on desktop.

World Geocoder for ArcGIS allows users to securely map global addresses behind a firewall, so sensitive data are never exposed. It provides street-level information for over 100 countries.

Ways we're making an impact

Countries with Real-Time Traffic
Million Core and Extended POIs
Million Point Addresses
Cities with Extended Lane Markings

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