HERE Mobile SDK for Business

The ideal software development toolkit for robust, native enterprise app development

With all of the functionality and richness of the HERE Mobile SDK at its core, the HERE Mobile SDK for Business puts a wide range of enterprise-related functionality into the hands of developers to solve complex industry problems.

Developers can build and deploy apps to improve field communication, allow fleets to navigate in the safest and most economical way, and provide differentiated outdoor to indoor experiences for users. 

HERE Mobile SDK for Business helps power Android and iOS apps for a variety of industries from travel and tourism to healthcare, fleet management and urban mobility. For example, the Mobile SDK for Business gives access to truck routing and offline navigation capabilities with the SDK, and allows native integration with HERE Platform Extensions such as the Custom Location Extension, Platform Data Extension and Fleet Connectivity Extension. This allows our customers to build end-to-end mobility solutions - from dispatch to in-vehicle navigation - that are tightly integrated.

HERE Mobile SDKs provide a complete set of flexible and easy-to-integrate tools to build compelling and highly differentiated mobile business applications. They’ve been designed to provide real-time visibility into the geographic location of moving assets, providing more context to surroundings and more precise estimated times of arrivals to final destinations.

Rich location features and functions are unlocked through a compelling range of HERE services, including HERE Maps, HERE Directions, HERE Guidance, and more, while offline capabilities include map display, route calculation, Point of Interest (POI) search and turn-by-turn navigation.

Create interactive experiences with vector maps that allow for a fluid and smooth map transition between different zoom levels for a variety of use cases and industries. Our Mobile SDKs take into account vehicle profiles and cargo types, as well as real-time traffic to provide the most efficient routes and navigation with dynamic information such as signposts, street lane, and speed. Accurate, at-a-glance visibility into the location of fixed and mobile assets, and their availability help field workers and customers gain a better understanding of their surroundings. Complete indoor and outdoor experiences and door-to-door travel information, regardless of transport mode or destination, are also possible with HERE Mobile SDK for Business.

Product benefits

You can count on the HERE Mobile SDK every time you build and deploy native mobile apps for your daily operations.

    • The HERE benefits

      Extended functionality

      Native integration with HERE Platform Extensions, such as Custom Location Extension, Platform Data Extension and Fleet Connectivity Extension to support specific business needs.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Increased flexibility

      HERE Mobile SDK for Business allow for fast and flexible development of differentiated experiences for both iOS and Android devices.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      True offline

      The unique hybrid engine of HERE Technologies provides true offline capabilities for an immersive map experience – even without a data connection.

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