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Jan 11-14, 2021 | Worldwide

HERE at CES 2021

Discover the innovations we presented at the world’s most influential tech event​


With location, now we can.

More than ever, location technology helps transform the way businesses and cities are run.

Whether you're providing precise ETAs for your fleet, designing safer drives for your customers, tracking your shipments or offering the most convenient journeys across town, location technology gives you the insights to improve operations and deliver the seamless experiences your customers expect.

Learn more about how you can achieve tangible benefits with location technology from HERE.

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HERE at CES Resources

The smart guide to selecting a location platform

This guide features ten areas every innovator and executive should consider before selecting a location solution.

IDC Technology Spotlight - White Paper

Using a location platform to make the most of your data assets.

Living at the edge - Location intelligence in a 5G MEC world

In this position paper, we consider the vital role location intelligence plays in a 5G MEC world.

HERE Partner innovation showcase - Brochure

Discover the possibilities with location intelligence from HERE.

CES Tech Talk

CES Tech Talk

CES Tech Talk Podcast with Jørgen Behrens, Chief Product Officer, HERE Technologies

Join Jørgen Behrens for a look into what location technology can help us accomplish, how it helped during the pandemic and why HERE is CES ready!