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CES 2024: diving into the world's biggest tech show

HERE at CES 2024

The mega-event is set to kick off on January 9th. But what will be unveiled in Las Vegas for location technology, the future of driving and supply chain visibility?

Running from January 9th - 12th 2024, the Consumer Electronics Show — better known as CES is eagerly awaited every year. But with 2.3 million net square feet of exhibition space to explore, where should you get started?

No one can cover all of it. This is the world's biggest tech show, after all, now in its 100th year and back to full strength after a few years of virtual or hybrid sessions due to the pandemic. 

However, in a year that has seen the breakthrough of generative AI and steady progress with autonomous driving, these two topics are sure to be hot ones in Las Vegas this January.

There are more than 130,000 guests expected to be roaming the exhibits between Tech East and Tech South. If you are one of them — or even if you hope to tune in to the news from afar — this guide from HERE360 aims to pick out some of the highlights.

HERE HD Live Map is integral to the Level 3 highly automated driving function in BMW's new 7 Series. It marks a key milestone in the company's use of high-definition maps.


(Self) driving forward

One of the panel sessions that promises to be interesting is The Middle Lane: Self-Driving Cars Today. A top team of experts will be looking at the roadblocks ahead before we achieve full self-driving. They include Johann Jungwirth, SVP of Autonomous Vehicles at Mobileye and the World Economic Forum's Autonomous Systems Lead Maria J. Alonso.

The intriguingly-titled sessions Self-Driving Has Entered the Rural Chat panel, at 10am on the same day, promises to reveal what the technology can bring for those in more remote areas.

Thrill ride

Those who are just looking for pure excitement will not be disappointed. 

The fastest self-driving cars will steal the show at the Indy Autonomous Challenge — a showcase for the fastest autonomous vehicles out there. Competitors include the AI Racing Tech Team, sure to bring something thrilling to the event.

Book your slot with us at CES 2024 now.


Electric avenues

As with previous years at CES, new electric vehicle (EV) models will be unveiled. 

Honda promises to reveal a global series of EVs at CES 2024. Elsewhere, Kia is presenting its “EVs for all" vision at the conference. Along with the concept vehicles we have become accustomed to seeing at CES, Kia will showcase its unified approach to electrification, delivering vehicles alongside the software that will support them.

Hyundai's Supernal is revealing its eVTOL, an electric “air taxi". Attendees can take flight simulations, learn about a possible electric flight network and gain insights into the mobility hubs of the future.

We are also excited to see the debut of Mercedes Benz's MBUX Virtual Assistant, an AI-powered technology that aims to bring the digital passenger experience on leaps and bounds.

It is an insight into what might be possible as the digital cockpit becomes a reality in vehicles everywhere, offering services from turn-by-turn navigation to vehicle health updates.

There are also some interesting panel discussions on the topic of electrification. The session Shaping the Future of Electrification held at 9am on Tuesday, January 9th, offers a deep dive into how production costs, battery life, software development, and legislative changes are converging to innovate the future.

All eyes on AI

Anyone working in the technology industry — or indeed any industry — this year will have been affected by the rise of AI. It is not new of course, but the boost to generative AI in particular since the launch of Chat GPT has been significant.

What this means for specific sectors is one of the things individual sessions at CES will be grappling with.

EY is leading an early session on January 8th that will examine "How AI-Powered Strategies can Transform the Mobility Experience", including the all-important question of monetization. Others look at the ethics of AI and how it can work with other technologies, including AR and VR.

It will be interesting to see what keynote speakers from Siemens AG and Hyundai, among others, make of the topic.

Supply chain shifts

Sustainability is back on the agenda at this year's CES with dedicated sessions and exhibits. The ways in which technological breakthroughs can boost the environment is a fascinating area that everyone from start-ups to big names will be addressing.

Warehouse robotics

The rise of robotics has had a huge impact on our supply chains.

A session on 3D printing of food and how this will transform supply chains in the near future promises to be thought-provoking. That is being held on Wednesday, January 10th — and also examines the potential of robot chefs in preparing our meals.

The keynote from Siemens AG President and CEO Roland Busch will address the benefits of digital twins for all industries, as well as how the multinational plans to reach its sustainability goals by 2030.

With exhibitors including Amazon set to attend, CES 2024 promises to shed light on the innovations that will shape our logistics and supply chain industries next year and beyond.

BMW 7 Series HERE HD Live Map Personal Pilot


Over at booth #10147 in North Hall, HERE experts will be on hand at CES 2024 to explain how our location technology can revolutionize your business. 

On the ground, our team will be running exclusive demos to showcase deep dives into our products, and the latest advances in automotive and transportation and logistics.

As well as highlighting our partnerships across industries — such as HERE HD Live Map being used by BMW for L3 automated driving — we'll focus on five key topics:

Build the future of software-defined vehicles

  • Discover how OEMs use our map content and tools to offer outstanding in-vehicle experiences.

Build intuitive EV navigation

  • Enable better routes and range estimates using precise information on charging locations, connector types, availability and cost.

Build better customer experiences

  • Integrate your own data with our map content to create differentiated products and services. Keep your customers' data safe with our industry-leading privacy and anonymization tools.

Build efficient end-to-end logistics

  • Find out how HERE location data and technology help fleet and supply chain software companies provide new levels of visibility and accuracy.

Build a more sustainable future

  • Learn how the HERE platform provides key components for solutions that help reduce emissions, build better infrastructure and improve city life.


Get in early by booking time with us now - we look forward to seeing you there!

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