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HERE introduces “Advanced Traffic Patterns” to improve truck delivery arrival calculations

HERE introduces “Advanced Traffic Patterns” to improve truck delivery arrival calculations
Las Vegas
9 January 2024
  • More accurate ETAs demanded across first, middle and last mile delivery.
  • HERE offers transportation and logistics (T&L) companies improved planning capabilities with predictive and more accurate ETA windows. 

CES 2024, Las Vegas – The demand for more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) information has skyrocketed. With more than half of all ground freight moved by trucks globally, improving commercial vehicle ETAs are essential to more efficient and sustainable transportation operations. 

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, has launched HERE Advanced Traffic Patterns to help improve the planning, routing and delivery of all types of goods and packages. Every portion of a supply chain’s first, middle, and last-mile operation relies on precise ETA information.

Traditional ETAs are based on the average, aggregated vehicle speeds for any given road segment. However, commercial vehicles travel at slower speeds on average than passenger cars. Therefore, accurate ETAs for trucks require the segmentation of passenger and commercial traffic speed data. 

HERE Advanced Traffic Patterns leverages trillions of data points from onboard sensors, telematics systems and mobile devices to calculate more accurate traffic speed information customized for commercial vehicles, incorporating variables such as time, day and vehicle type. 

For example, in Germany, based on initial testing by HERE, the revised ETA for heavy trucks can be up to 15 minutes more accurate over a 100km segment of highway, reflecting the slower driving speeds. Extrapolated, this has a huge impact on commercial truck ETAs when considering long distance hauls.

HERE Advanced Traffic Patterns provides coverage globally and is now available for customers to evaluate. The data is regularly refreshed and highly responsive to recent changes. Key features include:

  • ETA Window: Estimated minimum and maximum speed of each road segment, incorporating only truck movements, creating better baselines for ETA windows, including the planning of future routes. 
  • Heavy Truck Traffic Patterns: Available variant for heavy trucks, enabling routers to have more accurate ETAs based on commercial vehicle speeds versus passenger vehicle speeds. 

"At HERE, we understand the critical need for precise ETAs in today's logistics landscape,” said Christopher Handley, Vice President of Dynamic Spatial Content at HERE Technologies. “We’re excited to introduce HERE Advanced Traffic Patterns, a revolutionary solution that leverages trillions of data points for customized, accurate traffic speed information tailored to commercial vehicles. This innovation not only enhances planning capabilities but also transforms the efficiency and sustainability of supply chain operations. We're proud to set a new standard in improving delivery accuracy for logistics companies globally."

Customers utilizing HERE traffic products include dozens of automakers, transportation and logistics companies, public sector agencies and national postal services globally. HERE provides real-time, historical and predictive traffic information as part of its broader mapping and location-based services platform. 

HERE has captured and indexed the global road network, with detailed attributes describing the characteristics of the roadways in countries worldwide. This includes information on speed limits and road rules for commercial vehicles, to precise information on the slope, curvature and elevation of each road segment for advanced driving assistance systems and innovative routing applications.  

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