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Omdia: HERE is a consistent leader of location platforms

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HERE comes top once again of annual ranking of mapping companies with an improved score, widening the gap with Google.

Omdia has ranked HERE top location platform for another year with an improved score of 8.09, an improvement of +0.21 on last year.

The score, out of a total of 10, widens the gap with nearest rival Google.

The Omdia Location Platform Index evaluates vendors annually on two main criteria: platform completeness and market reach. It also considers services, data and capabilities that the platform opens up to developers.

HERE tops the "leaders" group of HERE, Google, TomTom and Mapbox. Part of the reason for HERE's strengthened position is its “continued momentum" with probe data, OMDIA analysts said. 

HERE increased the number of basic probe points ingested daily from more than 23 billion to 33 billion over the past year.

“It is often easier to be a technology disrupter than it is to be a consistent leader," said Shobhit Srivastava, Senior Principal Analyst at OMDIA. “In the face of disruption, HERE remains at the top spot in Omdia's Location Platform Index.

“With requirements from OEMs around EV routing and infrastructure, ADAS and autonomous driving, government regulations including Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), and enterprise needs around private mapping, HERE continues to step up to the plate and deliver innovative solutions."

Future forward

The team also had praise for HERE's approach toward preparing for the near future. These include the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance the scope of our location data with techniques such as active learning and transfer learning. 

Among other things, these technologies have helped HERE address the challenges of electric vehicles (EVs), including charging scarcity and ambiguity, route inefficiency, and range inaccuracy.

HERE UniMap demonstrates that the company is readily embracing the next major technological paradigm shift, AI. HERE is supplementing its best-in-class data collection with AI which Omdia believes will propel the company's solution in 2024 and beyond," Srivastava added.

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Beth McLoughlin

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