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HERE advanced location technology behind new generation Audi navigation system

The future of navigation

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The new Audi MMI system offers HERE next-generation navigation technology and electronic horizon software - designed to make every drive safer, more convenient and efficient.

The future of navigation goes beyond getting from A to B. HERE has refined navigation for a personal, contextual and relevant guidance experience.

HERE enabled the system to predict commonly driven routes, in order to provide relevant, optimized route recommendations based on live traffic and road hazard information. Featuring first in the new Audi A8, the system supports a seamless integration of the driver’s mobile phone for pre-trip planning as well as first and last mile guidance after parking the car. To ensure accuracy, the vehicle receives quarterly map updates via the HERE cloud, keeping the experience rich and up-to-date.

As the car drives, it compiles a model of the road using predictive road data for several kilometers ahead, effectively enabling the car to ‘see’ beyond the reach of its sensors. This model of the road is generated by HERE Electronic Horizon software, which pulls in detailed information about the road, including lane configurations and geometry, as well as traffic, information about potential hazards and speed limits. It then translates this information into actionable data for the car’s ADAS applications, enabling the car to make more intelligent and informed decisions.

The advanced navigation and location technology HERE has brought to the Audi A8 is also planned to feature in future Audi models as well as in selected vehicles offered by additional brands in the VW Group.

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