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Audi car, dashboard

Discover HERE Technologies in the new Audi guidance system

Pre trip planning

Pre-trip planning

Routes and points of interest can be synchronized from a driver’s smartphone or computer to the car.

Parkign recommendation icon

Parking recommendations

To make parking efficient and pain free, recommendations appear when a driver approaches a destination, with the smartphone companion app providing guidance to the door-step of your destination.

Predictive Nav

Predictive navigation

The car learns driving patterns and automatically recommends routes, taking into account live road conditions.


Enhanced 3D city model

A next-generation map experience, highlighting buildings along the route to facilitate orientation without distracting the driver.

Rubber-Band icon

Rubber banding

Easily adjust an active navigation route by touching and dragging in a new location, like a point of interest.


3D terrain model

Beautifully rendered 3D terrain maps that highlight elevated terrain, including roads, buildings and landmarks.


Cloud-enabled syncing

Search for a destination from anywhere using a mobile device and it will be automatically synced to the car via the HERE Cloud.

Rubber-Band icon

Intelligent blocking

When an incident makes a segment of road impassable, the driver can block it to force a route update.


Electronic horizon

The system turns rich map attributes and cloud information, such as changed speed limits, into actionable data for the vehicle’s ADAS systems.