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Las Vegas traffic on highway from above

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Real-time traffic data that keeps drivers moving

Making journeys more efficient and reliable

Drivers lose an immense amount of time and money navigating through traffic.

In tandem, governments and businesses struggle to manage growing congestion levels and related safety risks. Intelligently predicting and reacting to changing road conditions is essential in solving these problems.

What if drivers had access to more accurate information about congestion and incidents? Information such as construction zones, accidents, traffic routes and estimated time of arrivals? HERE Real-Time Traffic delivers this precise information to create a smarter and safer driving experience, wherever the destination.

HERE Traffic overview video
HERE Real-Time Traffic

Watch how HERE delivers real-time traffic

Key differentiators

Unmatched value for better road travel

overlay with road assistance

Sophisticated sources

Our real-time traffic data is aggregated and analyzed from sophisticated sources, including high-quality vehicle sensor data, government sources and historical traffic records. It's delivered with low latency.

highway lorries

Safety when it matters

We offer innovative traffic features such as Traffic Safety Warning, which alerts drivers of an incident with detailed live traffic information, and re-routes them so they can reach their destination safely.

Accuracy for all function class roads

We continuously validate flow and incident data for accurate routing, ETA calculations and map coloring, with more precise data for arterial roads.

First-to-market features

Split Lane Traffic provides lane-level precision on highways and ramps where there is a major discrepancy in speeds between lanes, instead of averaging all lane speeds together. With Reversible Express Lanes, HERE is the only service that reports congestion on roads with changeable directions that alleviate congestion during peak times.

A wide range of delivery methods

Our traffic solution supports broadcast (RDS-TMC, DAB, HD), server connected (XML), DATEX II, and direct-to-vehicle (TPEG) system architectures. These easily integrate with OEM connected vehicle services, including on the HERE Open Location Platform.

Rapid implementation and superior support

HERE offers tools and services to quickly launch traffic, including advanced implementation support, the broadest referencing solution portfolio complete with TMC tables and Open LR, and 24-hour post-production customer care.

Get started with HERE Real-Time Traffic

With data from sophisticated sources, innovative safety features, plus continuous data validation, customers can access a smarter and safer driving experience.

Product applications

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE Real-Time Traffic provides the closest thing to a live depiction of the road.

It identifies where, when and why congestion occurs, and delivers up-to-the-minute information on road conditions that could set drivers back – with incident traffic to 33 countries, and flow traffic to 63.

HERE goes a step further with data-driven traffic forecasts that help plan journeys up to 12 hours ahead. Our predictive traffic insights leverage more than one trillion GPS data points to estimate how long a trip will take, by factoring in real-time traffic, historical traffic flow data and other factors such as average seasonal conditions.

How Real-Time Traffic works

data collection

Data collection

We gather traffic data from vehicle sensors, as well as probes that include historical and journalistic data.

data evaluation

Data evaluation

Our data quality team reviews and verifies the data. It then goes through strict metrics that must be met for approval.

data processing

Data processing

To extract actionable insights from this data, we leverage map matching, big data, and low-latency processing.

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