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Bringing the power of location intelligence to SAP® solutions

Our partnership

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Move your business forward with more clarity using SAP® enterprise software together with HERE’s location data and services built in or offered as an add-on.

Accurate, real-time location data from HERE removes the guesswork and gives you more real-world context. This lets you make more informed decisions, whether you are trying to understand customer behavior, manage your supply chain or assess business risks.

SAP® makes it easier than ever to incorporate precise and timely location data and services from HERE into your tracking, data analytics, CRM and enterprise information management systems.

Partner solutions


SAP® Transportation Management

Give fleet managers insights into real-time traffic disruptions and hazards so they can easily reroute, avoid delays and reduce costs.

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SAP® data quality solutions

Meet service level agreements and solve the last-mile challenge with microservices that deliver precise local address data at a global level.

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SAP® Global Track & Trace

Improve efficiency and reduce costs through greater visibility of your global supply chain – indoors and outdoors – with real-time, highly accurate tracking technology.

Building apps with SAP?

Create a HERE Freemium account and start integrating HERE location services APIs into your SAP solutions straight away.