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San Francisco highways from above

HERE Traffic Analytics

Rich location intelligence for more effective traffic management

Enhancing movement in urban areas

To keep our cities running smoothly, planning agencies and enterprises need effective traffic analytics tools and road network performance insights.

However, determining how road networks affect vehicle speeds on a system-wide scale is often difficult.

HERE Traffic Analytics allows our customers to clearly and holistically understand what happens on roadways through the power of rich location intelligence. It enables more informed decision-making around road engineering, traffic flow, road network management, and land use.

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Understanding the flow of traffic

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Insights that equal action

By leveraging our data from vast amounts of GPS probes, agencies and enterprises can understand the effects of changes before they happen, and manage traffic with greater precision than ever before.

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Comprehensive coverage

Our data covers 100% of every road class in the markets we serve. This allows our customers to understand the entire network, so they can make the most appropriate changes on a micro level.

San Francisco highways from above

Improved ROI

HERE Traffic Analytics can replace expensive manual speed tracking data in existing traffic models. Our intuitive and powerful solution provides exceptional ROI.

Under the hood

HERE Traffic Analytics powerful road traffic analytics product Speed Data is built on a database of over one trillion GPS data points, available across all roads in 57 countries.

It accurately models the effects of planned road network changes and delivers realistic, actionable results. Truck-specific speed observations are included to help guide decisions around freight performance reliability.

Product applications

HERE is solving today's urban mobility issues by creating smart data from trillions of data points.

HERE Traffic Analytics helps enterprise and government agencies make informed decisions about future traffic flow management by using historical road traffic data. It’s all about understanding what’s happened before to improve what’s yet to come.

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Urban Mobility

Building the smart cities of tomorrow, today

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