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View an accurate, 2D snapshot of the world with location technology that provides context and relevance to your map data

Unlocking the value of location technology

As the world continuously changes, the demand for an evolving map has never been greater.

Get an accurate and fresh 2D geospatial representation of the world's road networks, points of interest (POIs), land use and land cover across the globe.

Across multiple industries, you can select the best map type and location content products for your specific use case or application. Build your own tailored interactive map with road segments, addresses, cartographic data and administrative areas.

HERE Maps can be further enriched with additional curated and specialized location content products that enable you to build differentiating location-enabled services and applications.

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See how we’re creating a 2D geospatial representation of the world

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A new level of detail

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Connect with coverage

Access over 315 million building and structure footprints that are connected with our robust map database. With more than 70 million kilometers of roadways across 200 countries, you get accurate global coverage.

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Get fresh, rich data

Stay current with thousands of terabytes of our validated location data. With our global and local representation of road networks, cartography, hydrography and land use, your maps stay fresh and relevant to local places.

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Build trust and reliability

Get the highest standard of validated data changes to your maps with our ISO certified quality management processes. Improve operations with accurate ETAs, timely deliveries and managed unforeseen delays.

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Navigate and use offline

Access navigation and other offline applications without a data network. Reduce data memory download and charges to your users and their devices.


Interactive Maps

Display map tiles and pre-rendered images (e.g., base, satellite, aerial) while customizing the map look and feel.


Get a brief overview of HERE Maps and learn how it can transform your business.

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Enrich your map

HERE Places Footprints

Meet high delivery expectations with speedier pickups and drop-offs using our fresh, precise location data